Blink XT too sensitive

This is on a dead end street with almost no traffic. Definitely not caused by vehicles. Happens every time the wind blows. Trying to determine if it is because the unit itself is shaking, or could it be caused by a small flag in the yard that blows in the wind?

Hi @CTBlink,

If you would like to share a clip (through youtube) or a screenshot we could help you out regarding positioning! It could definitely be the flag, depending on where/how far it is located relative to the camera.


Last week I thought I had solved the issue of my front yard camra, but after a couple days it started filming every minute again.
Tried again different settings and positions until I found the issue: it seems to be the camera itself.
I switched it with another placed inside in a quiet room and it did the same, while the other works fine on my front yard.
I’ll contact support to get that one camera replaced.


Glad you found the problem!

What I’ve found to be causing a lot of falsing for me is insects. I actually saw a wasp on the video for just a moment during one of the false alerts. It was blurry and was very close to the lens. I’m not sure what I can do to discourage this. What repels wasps? Of course this is only now becoming an issue as the weather is starting to finally warm up here in Tennessee.

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During the warm months(I’m in Tennessee too), I have to clean out the spiders from around the unit. Sometimes I spray behind the Blink to try to keep them from spinning a web in front of the lens…every night. :roll_eyes:

Put another user with the same issues on a XT unit. I honestly believe all my cameras started getting worse when it switched to Amazon…however the XT hasnt much worked since the beginning.
In taking consideration that these sensors are more for cross traffic, I still get late response from people walking across the area but when a car goes across at the very top tip of the camera, itll get the beginning of the car coming across. Money down the drain and they got a lot of us.
I continue to experiment but when does it become a waste of time trying to troubleshoot a worthless product when now i should have spent the extra money to get something that works? Time is money concept??

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I find myself having quite a few false alerts with insects as well. Currently, it has been very warm and humid in my area and I know that has contributed to the amount of insects so I’m hoping as the weather fluctuates through the seasons and eventually gets cooler, the insect alerts will decrease.

Hi @turbojr74,

I’m sorry you have been having trouble with your cameras! What sensitivity are you currently using? Also, what are your camera to sync module and camera to wifi strengths? If those signal strengths aren’t strong, that can sometimes be the cause of delayed motion capture.

I use bug spray and spray behind the camera monthly. It cuts down spiders and other insects.

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Hello Nick,

I have jumped far down in sensitivity (all the way from 9 down to 1 going one setting at a time) and tested and tested to get some form of consistency from the cameras.

I’ve tried different angles too and when the camera does go off, the object that set it off is not even in camera frame (e.g. very top or very bottom of the capture). You can just see the edge of movement to note what might have set it off. Anything in frame is very delayed and is only partially caught.

Example one - someone pulls into my drive way (well in view) and nothing happens. They get out, walk around their car and come all the way to the front door. Just as they get to the door, that is when it goes off.

I have had someone come from the street all the way to the door and just slightly out of view (bottom half) the camera gets activated.

Batteries have been new or used - even when camera states batteries are good.

Wifi > camera to wifi is full strength (5)> camera to sync is just one bar down (4)

I have other views too, but this is the wanted view as others may not catch enough area.

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Example one pic:

I agree too, it should be Free, if Blink decides to charge for that basic feature, cameras will be returned. Arlo has that and motion zones for free, Blink is not even close as good as Arlo, so it wouldn’t make sense to pay for a Basic feature.

Lots of Blink XT users have reported the same sensitivity issues, what is Blink doing about this? when are the fixes going to be released?
The XT creates notifications / picks up tree shades, like ghosts as I don’t see anything moving, trees and plants swaying with the wind, and cars far away on the street unless I lower the sensitivity to 5 and at that point it doesn’t send notifications which deems the camera useless for picking up people / pets movement. Already, tried all the sensitivity settings, and it either produces too much noise in level 6+, or doesn’t send notifications nor picks up people in level 5 and below (unless person gets really close to camera which is not going to happen for package deliveries) If I lower the camera position more, it wouldn’t be possible to see the faces of whoever does deliveries and would make the camera even more useless, which is why motion zones are essential, but currently missing in Blink.

Wasps are the biggest issue for me.
I don’t get many “false alarms” from sunlight or moving trees/plants.
I get many shots of wasps and hornets.
Playing with the sensitivity doesn’t seem to help.
When a critter walks across the sensor, it seems to get triggered regardless of the sensitivity setting.
I don’t seem to have that many wasps around the house, but the ones I have seem to be attracted to the XT’s.

i’ve had my first blink xt camera for 4 days and i’ve never had to use a ladder so often. every day i’ve adjusted the camera in the morning and in the evening to try and find the best positioning to prevent false alerts. the first few alerts were strange to me since there was no movement, just noise which sounded like a car driving by. i searched online to find other people with the same issue and it was said that the sensor catches more than what can be seen in the clip. that right there is already a pain in the *** to deal with. each day i end up positioning the camera’s view to where it’s further and further from the road. the first day i didn’t even have the cars visible and yet i kept hearing the camera catch something which led me to think that somehow the camera was able to detect sound but my research shows that’s not possible. so i moved it more to where even the sidewalk before my driveway was not visible. maybe a very small piece. i know people walk around my neighborhood a lot and in 3 days i have never caught someone walking down the sidewalk even when the sidewalk was visible in the camera’s view the first day. now you can’t see the sidewalk and yet i still get alerts of motion when there is nothing moving except for what sounds like a car going by. so i adjusted again to where the camera’s view is half my driveway. a good 1/4 of the car parked in the driveway is not visible which i find annoying but i could live with if the false alerts would go away. but nope, i still get them. wait… just got another motion alert while writing this. let me check. yep, absolutely nothing moving. sun is shining, no moving shadows, can’t even hear a car this time. omg… just got another one… and it’s the same. just changed the sensitivity from 7 to 6. i’ve messed with slowly increasing to slowly decreasing throughout each day. just had another one. this is really crazy. it’s so difficult since i don’t know what the sensor is actually detecting vs the camera’s view. i’m not sure how this can be used outdoors.

the other issue is that i feel i need to change the sensitivity during the day vs night. the same level catches things during the day but completely misses everything at night. i could walk by several times and nothing unless i increase it higher. but then during the day it catches things that are not even in view. driving me crazy.

Try lowering the Video Quality from Enhanced to Best. Sounds strange but it helped me

I’ve never used enhanced. Was too worried about battery life. In the last few days I feel it has already sucked months of battery life with false alerts and live views while repositioning.

Guys no matter what workaround you guys do, the problem sources from the motion sensing algorithms and logic. It is clearly not intended for true outdoor use, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same logic used for the indoor cameras. Blink really dropped the ball here and it’s been over a year and counting since they have stated they are working on a fix. Seems like they are content on these widespread issues and would rather put their resources on marketing and new products (seecurity/doorbell) which have yet to be released yet as promised. Truly is disappointing.


I have 2 more XT cameras arriving today and I’m willing to give them a try but I’m already doubtful even though they will be in less traffic areas. It’s very annoying not knowing what triggers the alert.

And no recording when viewing live is surprising as well.

Hi @brj,

I’m sorry you are having so much trouble positioning your cameras correctly. If you’d like to post some screenshots or motion clips I would be happy to assist!

i agree. although i’ve been tempted to try the electrical tape mod over the sensor, it just seems ridiculous to need to do it.

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