Blink XT too sensitive

I use ST to change the sensitivity of my Driveway Camera based on the position of the sun during the day. I have found that 4 is the lowest I can go in order for the camera to start recording appropriately. If I go 3 then then I usually just get the tail end of the action.

Looking at the position of my Driveway Camera, even though I can clearly see the street, most cars, with a setting of 4, are ignored during the day unless they are going slow. Still, there seems to be an obvious issue with the sensitivity that could be better addressed with masking just like Ring Pro does.

7 seems to work well for Night but still picks up slow moving cars or people walking too close to the driveway. Anything higher than it picks up everything. Anything lower then it doesn’t start recording in enough time. This is too big of a jump.

Saying all of that, I am not experiencing a massive amount of false motions. Almost always, “something”, that is clearly visible is triggering my motion events.

These cameras are always on but based on when the doors were open last, determines the video lengths and re-trigger times.

Ring Pro works perfect for motion. There must be a buffer because the recording start right before the motion event. Not a fair comparison because the Ring Pro is hardwired…

Yup! Hardwired and continuously recording on a loop until the action needs to be utilized in the motion clip, which uses lots of power vs. blink’s low power consumption/wireless design.

On a related note I tried Ring 2 and it’s stability wasn’t even close to Blink, so many issues. Glad @rontalley has better luck with Ring, maybe the pro model makes all the difference

Yeah, it’s been confirmed that Ring 2 sux pretty bad. Ring Pro or don’t bother.

I have 7 Blings now and I’m still a fan. However, there are some issues that I am sure will get worked out!

I tried the Ring Pro but had issues with the wiring setup. Never could get it to reliably stay powered, even with the appropriate transformer for my doorbell (upgraded twice). The wiring just seems to be hit or miss depending on the type of doorbell you have.

I really want the Blink to be my solution but they need to implement zones to take care of most of the issues reported here. I did drop my sensitivity down to a 3 which helped with less alerts for cars on the streets but I’m missing the beginning of a lot of actual events.

How about the option to turn off notifications on a per camera basis?

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That is an excellent idea! It would solve a lot of my problems.

I concur as well.

I guess I might as well add my experience with XT sensitivity, though this is NOT a complaint. I have one camera that covers my driveway and the entire front of my house. It wears a white Blink camera cover, and only since the installation of the silicone cover, it has become attractive to wasps. I constantly get alerts about motion recorded on this camera, and always play back a nice view of a wasp walking across the lens and the sound of buzzing. Fortunately, this does not occur at night, only in daylight.

One more interesting recent XT event: the same XT that attracts wasps seemed to develop an area of fog on one side of the lens. I wiped off the entire front of the camera with a Keenex tissue with zero removal of the fog. Then the cause became apparent— my 16-year old stainless steel dishwasher recently died. So I ordered a new one that includes removal of the old one in the purchase price. I moved the dead dishwasher out to my driveway to be ready for the delivery of the new one, and determined that the “fog” on the camera lens was actually reflected glare from the shiny ss dishwasher.

@nick_at_blink @Tori_At_Blink @julian_at_blink @Chris_at_Blink

Any update on this firmware fix? Can we get any estimation on when to expect a release?

Ill say this, I was able to get into a indoor camera and flash it via USB. I am now going to try and implement what RING has with the zones the camera will monitor or block…

Please be sure to post your results! It will make for some interesting reading. :wink:

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After turning the shiny dishwasher to a non-reflective side facing the camera, the blur is still there. Remembering all of the clips showing wasps walking all over the lens, I guessed that they might have left some residue on the lens. After thorough cleaning with an alcohol swab, the fog/blur has disappeared. Anyone with clips of insects walking on the lens followed by blurriness in recordings, try cleaning the lens.

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Just an interesting note on the sensitivity issue.
I have an XT on a fence facing east.
This morning when the sun was rising, the camera was triggering literally every minute that the sun was rising.
Clearly not picking up the movement of the sun, :sun_with_face: I would guess that as the sun was rising, shadows were growing, and that is what caused all the alerts.

Hi @DPChristman,

Back before the XT came out, I ran an experiment with a white indoor camera, meticulously sealed with electrical tape around both edges and over all holes except the bracket mount point for obvious reason. I mounted it fairly close up under the eaves on my back porch, in a spot fairly protected from the worst of the weather, but with a good view of my back yard. We get a lot of wildlife, and wanted to see it before the XT came out. Anyway, it triggers once in a while when the sum comes up, especially on warm days, I believe because of the temperature difference on specific trees and ground in direct view of the passive IR sensor. I assumed the sensor on the XT was similarly a passive IR and additional warm heat signatures could set off the motion sensor. @julian_at_blink, is that the possible reason for this behavior? I never adjusted mine, and it doesn’t trigger often like this, but I could imagine in a better spot it might…

Running into space issues when trying to implement the RING zones. So I am going to try and shrink it some this weekend.

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Thanks for the update !

For distant large objects try putting electrical tape over top half of IR sensor dome. Did wonders for me

You’re a little late to the party, see the discussion starting around post 50 above. :wink:

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After months and months of waiting no firmware fix has still been delivered to correct the sensitivity issue making these cameras useless during the day.,
If that was not enough 5 days ago my 4 cameras stopped working, there is no live stream and motion detection is not working anymore.
I have tried everything, power cycle the sync module and cameras, etc… and nothing fix it.
I have other cameras (Ring) in the same network and those cameras work fine so this is not a network issue.
The support I received has been worst than the product itself.
Due to all this I am now requesting a full refund of the 4 cameras even if the 30 days period is passed due to a defective product and inability to use this cameras as advertised.
I have tried to get in touch with a supervisor and or a manager for the last 2 days with no luck so it looks like it is going to be hard for me to get my full refund.
Is there anyone in this forum that could give some legal advise on the next steps to follow?
To me the way Blink is treating their customers is unacceptable.