Blink XT too sensitive

Have you guys fixed the sensitivity of the Blink XT camera for outdoor use yet? My XT picks up trees and plants swaying with the wind unless I lower the sensitivity to 1 which almost deems the camera useless for picking up movement.


Same here for me. I wanted to cover my driveway, but even when a car is not in view it triggers recording. When I play it back I can hear the car passing. As stated above it also triggers when trees move or sunlight change(clouds/shadows).


This has been a fairly common issue across our spectrum of customers. Our developers are aware and are working on updates to improve the sensitivity of the XT cameras. Please keep an eye on our updates page for further changes!


Looking forward to updates on this matter. During the day I have to move sensitivity down to 1 or 2 unless it picks up cars way out in the street. At night, I have to bump it up to 4 or 5 before it picks up movement in the yard.

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Same issue , rabbits , squirrels and birds set off my XTs constantly but if I lower the sensitivity lower than 4 , the cameras don’t trigger quickly enough for my tastes even walking right in front of them. I really hope Blink introduces some kind of server side machine learning and zones when processing video with the premium tier plan , I’d gladly pay a monthly fee for that added functionality


Yea they need to make an “outdoor” mode that adjusts the sensitivity for all these small actions that occur outdoors.

I would like to purchase more of the XT but will not do so until this issue is fixed. It’s a deal breaker for me having to adjust the sensitivity down to 1. At that point it barely picks up a human unless you walk within a few feet.


I have had the same thing from the beginning with the XT (not so much with the indoor camera)
It is to the point where I have the sensitivity turned down to three, and I still have to keep connecting, and deleting video files.
I noticed the camera is particularly susceptible on brighter days, when the wind blowing the trees creates lots of moving shadows.


I noticed this as well when I first got the cameras and started experimenting.

However, I usually only arm my cameras at night. At night, it still happens, just not as much as during the day.

When experimenting last week, I found a way to lower the angle of the cameras, mostly eliminating the branches of the trees and shadows and what not. This helped SIGNIFICANTLY, as I have only received 1 false alert within the past week and a half on sensitivity 6 and 7, as opposed to 5-10 false alerts per night before the adjustment.

Just something for all to consider if possible!

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I’ve recently installed an XT on front porch and notice that between sens. settings 3-5 it will catch dragon flies, bumble bees, and the ornamental grass in our flower pots swaying in the wind.

My sensitivity is currently at 4, although I have lowered it to 3 when the wind is blowing and the trees are casting shadows. The only ‘safe setting’ I have found (no false alarms) is 1-2. However, I have found that at these settings, I can miss a car pulling into the driveway :confused:

Here is what I get at setting 3 on a normal day. If I’m going to get 3-5 of these false alarms like I am now I’m going to have to reconsider using this camera.

The only thing moving is the plant.


@cagilber @DPChristman

I feel like it’s only a matter of time until they make an update addressing this, it’s a pretty big deal if you ask me.


I get those nuisance alarms with setting 2 sensitivity. I have to use settings 1 to avoid but then it hardly picks up human movement.

This is a huge problem with them. I hope it’s fixed ASAP. They are missing out on future sales with this issue.


I believe I heard the upcoming premium service will add server side processing, which may allow for motion detection zones. I’d gladly pay for that functionality! Don’t quote me on that though. As others have said the only way to prevent this issue for now is angling the cameras down and away from trees/plants/flags that may move in the wind. Where I live I have constant wildlife… birds, rabbits , gophers … You name it …they set off Blink. This results in “notification fatigue” and I feel like the one time I don’t check is the one time I’d actually miss something important.


Found where I saw that advanced motion sensing info… Plan break down for seecurity on Blinks site…bring on the premium plan! Take my money!

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During the day, I have to move mt sensitivity down to 2 and it still picks up cars across the street from me. Unfortunately at 2 it does not pick up motion in front of my house many times until the person has passed by. At night, it’s a crap shoot. Level 4-5 at least to pick up anything in my yard. Hope future updates improve this along with better quality picture at night. That is where these are currently lacking and when I need them most.

I think this is the wrong direction to take regarding improved motion sensing. I don’t mind if people want to pay $10 a month for the 4g+other features, but a good motion sensing software should be part of the free product.

The only reason I purchased this system was due to the lack of a monthly fee. If it goes to a “pay to play” style package for the improved features I’ll have to look elsewhere.

For now I’ll just ignore the alarms and hope for improvements. If the system uses the passive IR heat sensing it would be interesting to know why swaying leaves/plants would set this off, don’t understand how that would impact any heat signature.


I agree 100% with this reasoning. This camera was, as far as I can tell, designed to overcome some of the shortcomings of the original blink camera that made it not the best option for outdoor use. From what I’ve read (mostly in the smartthings forum), PIR motion sensors can be difficult to use outdoors.

A solid motion sensor is a basic function of this battery powered camera. Without it, the camera is useless.

Some of the other options mentioned seem totally reasonable to pay extra for on a monthly basis, particularly the 4G backup.

But personally, if I’m ever asked to pay extra for a feature that is a basic component of how the camera is intended to function (i.e. accurate motion detection that triggers recordings), that’ll be the end of my experience with Blink cameras and I’ll encourage others to look elsewhere as well to avoid being nickel and dimed.


Bizarre. I actually pulled into my driveway, and the camera never triggered until I was almost in my front door. Sensitivity set at three. FYI, my driveway is less than two feet from the camera