Blink XT not notifying of motion nor recording anything

I just got the 5 camera Blink XT setup and it’s all working, I can access the live videos and take snapshots, etc. However, it’s not detecting motion on ANY of the cameras and hasn’t saved a single video in the entire 4 days I’ve had it running. I’ve had deliveries that should have been caught on at least 2 cameras. I’ve left the house numerous times, there have been deer, neighbors, etc. Not a single recording. Any suggestions?


Start a ticket (contact support), that sounds serious. Hope this helps?

How is the signal strengths for sync module to WiFi router, cameras to WiFi router and cameras to sync module?

You can check them all in the app.

Is the system armed? Are the cameras enabled (the running man symbol is blue when enabled)? What are your sensitivity settings? You may need to make your cameras more sensitive to capture recordings.

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Yep… Your module is offline. Like me you don’t get offline alerts. Fix… Boot in order router, extender if you have one and boot module last. Just unplug each wait 30 seconds and replug


My cameras won’t detect motion or record, waste of money!!!


Anytime you change a setting for a camera make sure to go bottom if the app page for that camera and hit update camera. This pushes your changes to the camera. It will auto update but this way is better. Have you every clicked on a camera and got the system busy error? When that happens the system is auto updating.

I had the same issue and felt really dumb when I found out what it was. At the very bottom of your app, you’ll see it says UNARMED. Tap the little white dot to the right of that and it will turn blue behind it and change to ARMED. It is defaulted to UNARMED for some reason and they don’t tell you to arm it in instructions so I was stuck on that as well.


duhhh. Thanks!

Thanks! I feel dumb, too, but also grateful :slight_smile:

I’m experiencing a very similar issue. Unfortunately my “Armed” option IS set and I set the sensitivity to high. I don’t know what to do at this point. It’s a brand new camera.


Same here. Mine worked for a couple months then suddenly stopped. Everything is set, armed, etc. I’ve tried rebooting my router, the sync module…nothing works. I’m at a loss.

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@Netbratz is it a single camera or your whole system?

@Austin_Cox So far, 2 of the cameras. Front door and back yard. I have 3 setup.
This just started a couple days ago.

Have you tried generating motion clips intentionally?

When is the last time you changed batteries? Sometimes they become low with out setting off the alert, especially when it heats up or freezes outside.

@Austin_Cox I can use live view, it just won’t detect motion. I was going to try batteries today, thinking maybe they’re too low. I know the front door gets a lot of usage so I didn’t expect the batteries to last (but I did think they would go longer than 3 months lol), I’m surprised about the back though possibly being battery.

It’s always an option.

At the very least, take the batteries out for a minute and then put them back in. That will reset the camera.

Power cycling the camera and sync module usually fixes all my issues.

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@Austin_Cox Thanks! I’ll let you know how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed :blush:

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@Austin_Cox It was the batteries! The ap said they were OK, now I know better. Thanks again!!

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No problem!