Blink xt fogging up unusable

I have the same issue on a new XT2. My original Blink cameras are pin sharp and face the same direction. Only difference is Cam 1 has a cover; Cam XT2 doesn’t; but I wouldn’t have thought this would make a difference.

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You may notice that cameras that are under a tree or the eaves of the house don’t form condensation but ones in the open do form condensation often obscuring the image. One of the principles of heat transfer is that heat radiates from warmer to cooler. When the air is still, the sky is clear and there is nothing over the camera, heat is radiate from the camera to the sub-zero upper atmosphere. This drops the camera (or any object) below the temperature of the air surrounding the camera and causes moisture to form on the camera. The problem can be corrected by installing any kind of a cover over the camera.

New to the home surveillance thing, I just purchased the 3 pack XT2 cameras and have them in the “Wall Mount Bracket” weather case. The front of the camera is still totally exposed to the elements. Cameras are performing as expected. I’m in the Bay Area and we get a lot of rain and fog. What’s on my car windshield I expect the same on the camera lenses.

RainX comments here came w/a warning. I use “Sea Drops” Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner. It’s nonabrasive and made for dive masks (that’s why I have it) so I thought why not, and it’s working really, really well. I put just a dab on the lens and sensor (a little goes a long way) and wiped it clean with a soft cloth. TIP: Irregardless if you use a “defogger” on your cameras, clean the lenses before you put them up! I don’t know if it’s the Sea Drops or just a matter of dirty lenses, but after wiping them down the picture is much sharper and colors pop.

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I’m having the same problem with a Black Blink XT2 mounted inside a weatherproof case. See video:

Foggy Blink spider?

It is mounted on the fence, uncovered. I’ll try putting a piece of wood over the top and see if that helps.

Here is a shot from another Black Blink XT2 mounted inside a weatherproof case, but this one is already mounted underneath a piece of wood on the fence:

So I don’t know how much mounting it under a piece of wood would help.

I also have some expensive security cameras mounted around my house (Lorex 4K), and they have no such problem:

However, to be fair, they are powered over the Ethernet cable, so remain warm - we don’t have that option with the Blink cameras. It would defeat the whole purpose of them being battery powered.

On a happy note, I’ve had mine online on the same set of batteries with moderate use since 9/21/19. I had a set of Arlo cameras, and the batteries failed after ONE MONTH. And they are EXPENSIVE batteries!