Blink XT Colored Covers!

The Blink Team is working on rolling out Blink XT covers to allow you to customize the look of your camera in ways you never have before! As we move forward with developing these covers, we would love to hear feedback on what colors you all want the most. Vote on the cover color you want to see in your home so we can make the best product for you!

  • White
  • Red
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Blue

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Can you also make covers for the Interior version of Blink cameras?

Hey @lmosenko,

That is certainly a possibility going forward! Currently, our cover development has been focused on Blink XT, but if they prove to be successful I’m sure we will start to do the same for the indoor cameras as well!

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I have 2 more color Reb Brick and Grey Morter colors whould be populer for City and Subburbs like NYC and others.

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I chose Blue because, well… I think it would look awesome. But white would be my runner up, followed by green.

Edit: I feel like white would probably sell the most, though.

No beige, or brick color?

Hey @RightHand,

I think those are great color ideas! I was trying to keep the colors relatively generic because I didn’t want to spread the options too thin, but those are certainly possibilities for XT colors! We’re definitely not limited by the ones I listed, and if we get a lot of requests for those colors I can make another poll in a week or so based on customer reactions!


To me, the purpose of colors would be to match the existing colors of mounting locations on the outside of a residence. Providing covers that exactly match any residence would be impossible. If your customers simply want any color for no practical purpose, great. I may just mask off the light and lens/sensor portions and paint the front of my cameras to closely match their mounting locations- white for my window frames, grey for my steel carport, and green for the walls of the house.

Nice idea though as an accessory product.

I agree! A few basic colors would be fine for most people. I’m thinking white, dark brown and tan in addition to the black would cover most people’s needs.

Hey @Evan, @RightHand, @ronsec, @Manxman, and @lmosenko,

I like the idea of having more practical colors to blend in better with exterior siding and brick. As much as I would love to see the blink blue on an XT camera, it’s not the most practical and would kind of stick out. Brick red and grey seem like they would make a lot of sense, but I think it would be cool to see white XTs with some sort of blue, red or green border… rather than the whole XT being a different color. What do you guys think?

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I’d rather the camera be a single color. While a contrasting border would look sharp it would make the camera stand out too much. Basically, I don’t want people to look up and say "that’s a cool looking camera ". I want them to look up and not notice it at all. My 2 cents!

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I had a hard time choosing between blue and white. I only chose blue because it would look cool, but white would definitely make more sense and probably would sell more too.

I think maybe a dark and light shade of tan and white may fit a broad range of users for the outdoor camera. Also, a different color trim may cause the camera to be more noticeable, me personally I’d like my camera to be inconspicuous. I would like the brick red color but not sure how practical it is since most won’t actually be placing the camera on brick. If these are being placed on indoor cameras then I think many wouldn’t mind the more vibrant colors with a trim, but also depends on the individual usage. I would start out with more neutral colors for the Blink XT to reach a broad range of users, then if people want the standout colors go from there.


The more that I think about this, rather than buy colored covers or to paint my cameras, I will instead buy colored vinyl or colored duct tape (both types exist in hardware stores and from Amazon) to cover the front face of my cameras. The available tapes will match the mounting locations around here just as closely as anything offered by Blink. I do think that this is a good idea as a new product from Blink though

Off White

Please redesign the mount rather than color them. They are terrible to zone in where you want coverage.


Hi @Jeff_Marchesano,

We are actually in the process of designing new mounts, and talked about it a little in this thread. Let us know your thoughts on what would be useful for you, for a new mount. Such as, what additional functionality would you want from a redesigned mount? Are there certain areas of your home, where a different style of mount would be useful?

A colored cover option sounds cool… but when is the “Live View” or “Clips” be available to access on your website?

Is it possible to create a two piece magnetic mount, with a ball joint? It would be much easier to get the camera in the desired position. Also if a new clip mount were created, will it retrofit previous cameras. In regards to the covers, price will be a factor as well. Any idea how much you all will be charging for the covers?

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