Blink XT batteries

Can I use 1.5v AA Lithium batteries rechargeable batteries? Regular batteries lasted one month

Only use the recommended ultimate lithium batteries. Maybe change your cam settings and use scheduling. You really can get a long time if done right.

How many clips a day are you getting?

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I have two high traffic areas and my batteries apparently need to be replaced about once a month. I check the replaced batteries and they indicate that they are still “good” but not “excellent”. I don’t dispose of the batteries and when I check them within a week or so, they are reading “excellent”. If I try to use these self recharged batteries, will they last about the same time. I have gone thru 30 batteries with two cameras since January.

Here I’m complaining about the batteries only lasting about 4 months!

I think rechargeable batteries will be worse. Blink does not recommend them.

You need to tweak your settings, move to USB power, or consider another product. Blink may not fit into your monitoring requirements.