Blink X2 and Echo Show 5 Audio but no Video

I am able to access both audio and video on both of our iPhones but when I ask echo to show me the front door it pulls up the live audio right away but not the video feed. The screen just shows “Waiting for Blink” and the video never comes up. I’ve already restarted the echo, deleted and added the camera in the Alexa app and no change.

My Blink XT2 cameras arrived yesterday and I am having exactly the same problem. Audio or video but not both on the show5. Everything works with the ios app.

I had a similar issue and had to drop and add the camera back on Blink

Me too!! Only picks up audio on my echo 5. Both audio and videos work on echo spot!!d

Add another to the list. Audio only, no video. Had video for one camera, one time and then it’s gone. None of the other cameras ever showed video. Blink blames Amazon. Have done all the troubleshooting to no avail. Tried on two different Echo Show 5s on different networks, neither works. Signal strength is highest level, new batteries in camera. Looks like these are going back. I’ll stick with Ring.

I’m having the same issue. It worked the first day when the XT2 were installed. Now Alexa just says I’m not quite sure what happened.

I have the same issue. Audio is present, but no video. Deleted the cameras in BLINK and then re-installed.There is no change. Still displays “Waiting for Blink”. The audio is working, no video. The Blink application on my phone appears to work flawlessly.
Update: I can get the Alexa to show me the video most of the time, but not always if I shut off the audio feed, and lower the video quality.

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I get the same issue.

Same issue here. Worked the first day on my Show 5. Now only audio. It also saves to my clip roll in the Blink app while trying to view on the Show 5.

Hi. Just bought the echo show 5 and Blink bundle and got this issue but I solved it. Here is what I did.
-disconnect camera from Alexa devices
-add Alexa skill again and run the device discovery (with the camera near Echo. This is very important as the first time Echo didn’t find it even though it was showing in the devices list. You’ll see the difference)
-Run the Alexa command to show the camera (still with the camera near by and near WiFi)
-Take the camera to your desired location if it doesn’t work again (as in my case). Move the Blink receiver nearer the camera and (if you can) move also the router near the camera. I didn’t move the router but I have a TP-Link to extend the WiFi signal and I put that closer the camera.
-That did the trick.

Same issue here. I have removed Blink device from Alexa skills and re-added during device discovery multiple times. Each time I get audio but no video on my Echo Show 5. Blink audio and video works fine on my Echo Spot. My WiFi signals are strong on Blink camera and receiver. My Echo Spot is further from my WiFi router and Blink receiver and camera, yet it works fine with audio and video from Blink. It has to be an issue with the ES5.

Also same issue. The camera works on the Blink app but not with the Echo Show 5. The camera worked exactly once when I did the first test. Now it’s the same issue that everyone else describes: the screen shows “Waiting for Blink” and you can hear the audio but no video.
I tried removing the camera from Blink, although that seems weird as it works in the Blink app, and re-adding it. I also removed the devices from Alexa and removed and re-added the skill. But all to no avail, I cannot get the camera picture to show up.
Please, Blink support work with Amazon to fix the Echo Show 5.

Same here. Original Blink outdoor cameras work fine with Echo Show 5. The single X2, I’m getting audio only. I just cycled through the other cameras on the Show 5 and when I came back to the X2 camera there was audio and video. Waited a few minutes. Tried X2 camera again - still working correctly. Not very helpful when someone is ringing the doorbell and you’re in the basement. All cameras work fine in Blink app.

@blinkhomesecurity please work with Amazon and fix the issue with the XT2 cameras not displaying video on the Amazon Echo Show 5, ASAP! I’ll do you a favor by holding my mother off from contacting you as long as I can, if you do me a favor, and fix this issue as soon possible, meaning now, please!!! I read how the original XT camera had this issue and Blink released a firmware update and it resolved it - reviewers confirmed it! PLEASE, FIX!

You’re yelling into a void. Please contact customer service, as they do not monitor this community forum.

Email or phone call usually works pretty well, innl my experience.

This problem is not specific to Echo Show.
I’m having the exact same issues with the video failing on Amazon Fire TV, while working perfectly in the mobile app.

Given that many are having the same problem with XT2 video showing on Echo Show and Fire TV devices and working perfectly in the mobile apps …there has to be a bug in the system.

I had the same issue. It gets the video with audio I had to lower the camera resolution to get both.
I moved it from enhanced to saver mode. Works great now.
Less data transmitting result get both video and audio


Yeah, as JDC says … lowering resolution down it is now working, but why should we have to do that. Both cameras have strong signals on both sync module & WiFi. I can simultaneously stream HD movies over my WiFi so I doubt WiFi bandwidth is the problem. I also had both my cameras happily working live on the middle (720) resolution but would often fail. Certainly lowering the resolution appears to alleviate the problem.

I have 3 cameras, 2 work fine outside in place with both audio/video on Amazon Show 5; 1 only has audio outside but both audio/video when inside the house. My dad has 2 cameras, same issue 1 works fine other just audio outside. Here’s what fixed our issue:

  1. Go to camera settings in Blink app for camera with issue (only audio)
  2. Change Video Quality to “Saver” and save
  3. Wait a minute to let network/internet/servers/cloud service to push/settle new settings
    (I’m impatient and literally waited 1 minute but I’m also an application support tech and know it can take longer (5-10mins??) in this scenario since it only took 1 for me)
  4. Drum roll…ask Alexa to show you the camera (did it work - I hope so!)
    If didn’t work, I’m sorry, I don’t have any other suggestions at this time.
  5. If it did work, then next steps can be to follow the same steps above to toggle the Video Quality setting back to “Enhanced” and see if it now works on that setting. It did for me but not for my dad (his still works on “Saver”)

NOTE: My thought on why it works on “Saver” is because it’s trying to send less data across the Wi-Fi network and all things consider (because there are more besides Blink and Amazon software/equipment), It’s just able to handle it best at this stage in the game. Why mine now works on “Enhanced” and my Dad’s doesn’t, well that’s just the mystery of computer science for most of us but should give a developer at Blink and Amazon something to zero in at in their Development Labs that might get to the root of the “whole” issue going on - what’s actual requirements needed to get and keep the connection between both the Blink camera and the Echo Show.

My Blink app settings:
Sync Module: Wi-Fi connection - excellent with 5 bars and Firmware - 2.12.12
Camera settings for 1 w/issue on Echo Show 5: Wi-Fi - 2 bars, Sync Module - 3 bars and Firmware - 7.69

My Dad’s Blink app settings:
Sync Module: Wi-Fi connection - excellent with 5 bars and Firmware - 2.12.12
Camera settings for 1 w/issue on Echo Show 5: Wi-Fi - 5 bars, Sync Module - 5 bars and Firmware - 7.69

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This did the trick!!! Thank youuuuu!!!