Blink Video Doorbell

Based on the most recent features, being the Activity Zones and and IR sensitivity adjustments, I’m thinking Blink would be in a better position to release the doorbell. Those two features were much needed and I’m much happier with my XT’s. It’s not perfect yet but off to a good start, I still get false positives from car light glare at night. We still need an automated way to arm/disarm individual cameras. If the doorbell were added to a home with only one sync module and multiple cameras it could be just as inconvenient as it is now. Although some may need an extra sync module for range, I’m not a fan of having an extra module just to create zones.


This company obviously has zero loyalty to their customers and think it’s cool to ■■■■ us around. I invested in Blink specifically because I saw the doorbell as CES and guess what? I’m on my way back to CES and still don’t have a doorbell. What a joke, I’d hate to be the blink employees working the CES booth this year. They are gonna get CHEWED out all show long.


They probably didn’t decide to delay the doorbell’s release just to mess with us.

They didn’t really explain why, but my guess would be something technical prevented them from releasing it.

There is one update I can give you all.

This morning I heard a radio spot on KTU radio station in NYC. It featured a commercial about Blink XT (international/external) camera which can run up to 2 years on a pair of AA batteries.
And notid that Blink is an Amazon company.

I think this is a sign that Blink is being differentiated by Amazon as a wireless camera solution for DIY home video security. IMHO, if Amazon was going to kill Blink cameras, than the commercial I listened to would not have been on the air.
Hay @nick_at_blink, can you add more or look into this radio spot?

That’s worse though isn’t it? They went to a trade show and pitched a product pre-mature and duped people into buying into their eco-system. Whether they did it on purpose or not is irrelevant to me because I either don’t want to give my dollar to a company that would do that on purpose or I don’t want to give my dollar to a company that doesn’t have its act together, either way i’ll be speaking with my dollar.

And @imosenko, they’ve been saying “blink is an Amazon Company” since they bought it last year. That doesn’t mean anything. Its on the App and they’ve been saying it on every commercial.

That is your right as a consumer, of course.

Personally I think there is a big difference between willfully misleading customers and changing a product release timeline in response to an issue that popped up. The former implies serious ethical lapses among company management, the latter could happen to literally any tech company.

Presumably it was a serious issue, but who knows. They would be foolish to disclose it publicly in detail not just to their customers, their competitors would also be listening.

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What I’m saying is it doesn’t matter if the intention was unethical, the result was. And it’s incumbent on them to address that to save face with their customers. Instead they’ve been SILENT, not a peep. And I really hope ALL their customers speak with their dollars as well and show a company they can’t treat their customers like this and stay in business. With tech like this, you’re not buying a camera, you’re investing in an ecosystem.

And believe me, their customers don’t get a f**k what blink would say about the technical challenges they’ve had that are delaying the release, they’re all already to market.

I’m one of their customers and I’m not personally insulted by the fact that they haven’t released the doorbell yet. And I’m willing to wait and see if they do release it.

I’m not trying to change your mind or anything, just commenting on what I believe are unreasonable expectations. You are clearly not the only one that feels that way. They will probably lose some customers, and gain others.


What’s this "evolved"product ? Is it just moving all the blink tech to Ring?

Ring doorbell is the ugliest piece of hardware I’ve seen. Shame.

My guess is they are putting as positive a spin as they can on something that went wrong in the development of the doorbell, apparently at a late stage. That’s called PR, and all companies do it.

Since I am unable to create a wirefree, cloud-connected doorbell camera myself, I’m willing to cut them some slack, and see what happens with this evolved version of the product.

If you think the Ring doorbell is ugly you probably won’t like any of them as they all kind of look the same. LOL


if its on the siding you can use a small siding mounting block, I believe them make them for door bells. You could hide the older screw holes with that.

So bored of waiting for the door bell

You’re about to get really really really bored as I doubt Blink is ever coming out with a doorbell. :grin: I use a Ring Pro and it works great.

I doubt one is coming soon if ever. It’s disappointing. They had one almost here that seemed plug and play. I’m not sure why they can’t/won’t do it since they’re XT2 have instant alerts that take you to live view.

I agree with @ronsec.

Hi @ronsec. I haven’t been on the forum for a while.
I got tired of all of the Blink junk. They promised for ever to release a camera doorbell and they Failed!

So now I am on a platform which actually delivers on their promises.
Wyze cameras and home automation platform. Their customers asked for bulbs, plugs, motion sensors. We got them.
We asked for Smart Door Lock and we got one.

We asked for a camera doorbell and it is coming out this next year.

I still have one Blink camera in my house where there is no outlet, but as soon as Wyze delivers on the battery powered camera, that one is sold!

Check out Wyze YouTube town hall where they had their announcement.

Look at this short break down of the Wyze announcement @4:30seconds.

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I’ve been trying out a Wyze cam and like it so far. The Wyze sensors have been working without issue for me too. I pre ordered that smart door lock. They seem to have good products so far at unbelievable prices.

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Thanks for chiming in with your observations @Estpaul.

Can’t wait to receive my Wyze lock. And the battery powered Wyze cam.

Sorry for trolling Blink forum. Still good cameras…Just no further growth. A shame. I loved them ever :heart: since I backed :sob: them on Kickstarter. Now Blink is out and Wyze cam is in!

Still no news about the doorbell?
Do they stop working on it?

Please, give me some information!

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