Blink verification codes

Since a few weeks back, I’m receiving regular “Your Blink verification code is” notifications, usually about 7-10 a day.
I know after one of the updates it mentioned something about these, but wasn’t expecting to receive as many a day as I am.
Any idea how to turn these off or why I’m receiving them?

If you are not invoking them, trying to log in to your app, which I assume you are not, someone else knows your password, or some third party app does, to which you have previously provided your credentials and it is trying to log in to Blink on your behalf.

Whoever, or whatever is trying, it has your first stage credentials, or it could not repeatedly invoke a PIN code prompt.

Change your Blink password, and be sure you know the new one correctly. Log out of the Blink app, and log back in again with the new password. You will be prompted for a PIN, which you should receive, because you are getting them now. Enter the PIN, so that you are back in the app.

The other person, device, or app, will now fail, and will not invoke a PIN request. Whoever or whatever it is, repeatedly failing to log in, with what are now incorrect credentials, may well result in your account becoming locked, so there may be no alternative other than to contact Blink support.

You might well wish to do this anyway, because they can tell which device or app is causing these log in prompts for the PIN.

Good job you have 2 factor authentication, otherwise the unknown attempts would succeed, which I assume you do not want to happen. Last thing you want to do is stop the 2FA PIN prompts, because that is notifying you that someone or something is trying to log in.

Good luck.

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