Blink Sync Module

I was having difficulty accessing my main email address and the one i had registered as my blink account so I went into the Blink app and deleted the account. I went onto set a new account up for my Blink Module and keep getting this ‘Sync module already registered to a different account’ so I have reset the module a great number of times using the reset button on the module but still getting the same message ‘Sync module already registered to a different account’ Could you please advise me of how to fix this? Blink Module Model No: BSM012003U ?

Most companies try to find ways to stop people from stealing equipment and re-registering them in their account.

You will probably have to get blink support to address this.

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Agreed, Blink support will be required. As far as I understood it, deleting an account should release the equipment for re-use. It’s not the most logical approach to this problem, particularly if you have a grandfathered account, registered before April 15th 2020, because you will lose that privilege, but, having done it, then the hardware should at least be released for re-use.

A better approach would have been to change the email in the account, keeping the actual account the same, but it’s done now, which is why you will need Blink’s assistance.

As passing info, I tried to resurrect an account deleted ages ago, just the other day, which I know for sure was there, just out of curiosity, to see if it would have grandfathered access, but it would not allow it. Curiously, it wouldn’t even allow me to create the exact same account detail, because it said it already existed, but it did not allow access as a live account.