Blink Sync Module Waterproof Case

Do you think it is necessary to design a waterproof case to make blink xt sync module be used outside?

No. Why would someone need to put a sync module outside when they could just put it by a window inside?



Because that might be the best setup for someone. There might be legitimate logical reasons for setting it up that way. Distance to Camera location. Campsites, distance to the feed trough on a farm, chicken coop etc. There are many reasons one might need a water proof sync enclosure. You may not, Others may.

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Fair enough. However I think the demand/interest is so low (this is the only request for this I could find) that it would have to be done on an individual basis. There is also operating temp limitations to consider.

In your opinion. As to operating temp, that is always the issue with electronics which preform best in lower temps. But it alone is not as big of a hindrance, as someone who may mount the device outside would presumably wish it to remain innocuous and take steps to place the module in an appropriate location. Every device out that that humans have invented has been used for purposes other then in the directed instruction. With some novel ideas opening up additional revenue streams for companies that had limited foresight in their product use and futures. This is why Kmart, Woodwards, Sears, BlackBerry died the unsightly death of no Future. All things considered Blink has the potential to move forward in leaps and bounds and this community is just one stepping stone toward the future.

You make some very good points and I agree with most of them. However, on this particular issue I would like to point out that this thread has been dormant 4 months until you resurrected it. It has had 207 views and no comments, thus my opinion of very little interest. Of course I don’t think it would be too hard to make a housing for one’s self. A plastic box, some silicone sealer and done! LOL

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Yes I did. And your callous remarks killed it.

I think you might be giving @ronsec too much credit (or blame, depending on your viewpoint). @Arthur_Smith has developed some other popular accessories for Blink cameras, but there doesn’t seem to be much interest in this idea. I doubt a single comment by one member of the community made much of a difference.

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Your right And I apologize.


Put the sync module in a plastic electronics enclosure that is nema/ips rated for water resistant. Pick your own rating level. Run wire thru a waterproof bulkhead.

About 20 bucks in parts and 1 hour of time. If you want something bad enough, do your own prototype. Then make a new one that looks professional and commercially sellable. Then do your own marketing and take on the risks as well as the profit.

This is how all those 3rd party camera mounts came to fruition. The key was 3rd party, not Blink.

Great forum topic. I have a 40-acre farm and have a need to run sync modules out to several out buildings to keep an eye on things so it is a legitimate need for some rural folks that need security that covers a larger geographic area. Just because folks aren’t asking in this forum doesn’t mean there isn’t a need.

There is a need but the limitations of wifi are real. So ditch the Blink idea and use cellular trail cams. Those trail cams are fully wireless, run on cell phone instead of wifi, and run on a mobile app as well. Each trail cam will have it’s own SIM card. As an add on option, look into solar power and rechargeable battery pack to run those trail cams.

More expensive than Blink yes. But the wifi distance limitations and the need for power on each and every sync module and wifi range extender make Blink and all the other wifi camera brands no good for your situation. So there are solutions available but you have to pay up the funds for the fix. Remember, Blink is cheap for a reason. Actually, lots of reasons. It has many limitations that does not allow it to do what many people want it to do. They want real security system but at the entry level price.