Blink Sync Module 2 - When?

I’m looking to replace all my WyzeCams but I need local recording. It seems Blink is introducing this feature with the Sync Module 2, but it is not available yet.

Does anyone know a ‘realistic’ availability for this product? My sons bike was stolen last night, I need to upgrade my cameras soon. :frowning:

Wyze cameras work outside. LOTS of people already doing this.

Blink sync 2 is available in 2021. What month is TBD.

Sync 2 does not work with other products for local storage. Just the Blink Mini.

Thank you Joel. Yes I have many Wyze cameras outdoors even some with POE on rooftops. My problem is the Wyze interface is horrible. It’s so slowwwwww. It takes hours to view playback, even with V30 high endurance SD cards. The app just sucks. I’m tired of it. I need to switch but I guess Blink won’t be ready in time :frowning:

@Estpaul (Erik) may be able to help you in two ways. He has a bunch of preowned Blink equipment he was selling a couple months ago. He also has a bunch of Wyze equipment he is using and likes better than Blink.

Neither gives you Blink with local storage. However, Blink with cloud storage has never been a problem for many of us Blink owners in USA. Other countries seem to be more problematic however.


@Joel_Ek my 7 cams and 2 sync modules sold same day for my asking price lol

You need to check your network at home and your mobile network. Im part of a Wyze user group and private beta test group. No one is reporting “hours” to play back video or even minutes. I’ve got the cheap wyze cards in some cams and no issues viewing playback.

You can try joining Wyze Core Community on facebook there’s a lot of help there. Also submitt a ticket through Wyze app. You can even submitt system logs from the app so Wyze can better trouble shoot.

As far as the blink Sync Module 2 it’s going to be a little while, but in my opinion is worthless if so far it’s only compatible with the new cam.

I’m not sure what blink is doing but they’re losing. Wyze battery powered outdoor cam is shipping in Aug. It has on board SD storage and SD card storage on the base station. It can also be used to record without a wifi netowrk.

@Estpaul thank you for your response. When I browse the Wyze forums, all I see is the same issues I’m having. A very annoying loop of connecting / authenticating / getting video data / connecting… etc

I could post 1,000 more of the exact same issue.

I’m happy it works for you. But it’s not my wifi network. My Unifi ap’s are running great. Ping times are very low. The kids use it for gaming which needs an amazing connection.

I’ve lost all hope in Wyze.

Same day = price too low. Especially if the seller deleted cameras and sync module off he account. In the end, another happy Blink customer. For awhile anyway. LOL

I don’t use those forums. I use the core facebook group and Facebook beta test group. Maybe try there and see.

Wait, what, Wyze cameras have issues too?

It’s a made in China thing.

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Hi, das sync-modul funktioniert mit viel mehr als nur mit dem Mini blink.