Blink Sync 2 Has Different SSID To The App

Hi. I have just tried to install a Sync 2 module that arrived from Amazon today. The SSID of the module is different to the SSID that the app tells me to look for. The SSID printed on the module appears and i can connect to it but the app is looking for a different SSID and consequently cant find it. This happens whether the QR code is scanned or I manually type in the serial number. Any ideas? Not a great introduction to the oputdoor cameras and Sync 2 module. TIA.

It should connect automatically, but, if it doesn’t, don’t worry about the SSID you think it should be looking for, just go to your available WiFi connections, and pick the one that is obviously Blink.

A possible reason for it failing to connect automatically, is a common setting on many phones now, that forces the phone to instantly drop any WiFi connection that has no internet connection. Obviously, when you are connecting directly to the sync module, purely to perform set-up, at that moment the module has no connection to the internet, so the phone drops it, and thereafter the set-up fails, because your phone is not connected to the sync module anymore, as it needs to be.

This settings often says something like, avoid connections with poor or no internet access, and it is the default setting. Find it, check it, and change it, if needed, temporarily of course, for the duration of the Blink set-up.

Here is Blink’s take on it.