Blink Sucks

The whole system is junk. Camera is slow to trigger . The camera is only good at eye level and very poor to take videos over 10 feet. Get warnings all the time system is busy. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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If you want assistance from users, we’re here to help. If you just want to complain, you’re on your own.

Feel free to return the product if it doesn’t meet your expectations.

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There’s probably 100,000 or more users that would disagree. Sounds like user error to me. That being said, do you want help or do you just want to complain?

System busy typically means your wifi network isn’t processing data quick enough. To help you find out what is wrong, download and use this software. It is self help and Blink can use it with you in a remote diagnostic mode.

Regarding how good or bad Blink really is and how it compares to the competition, there are dozens of youtube videos showing actual results. There are thousands of review online in various social media platforms. There are hundreds of thousands of Blink cameras installed and working all over the world.

For those that just want to post their “feelings” about how bad Blink sucks…feelings and opinion are like belly buttons. Everybody has them. Twitter and Facebook are a much better platform for the sucks crowd.

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Ok, thanks.

Thanks for sharing…

You think I give a F about your situation? NOPE.

You create quite the vacuum yourself! LOL

They always fall into the trap


I have about 7 of these blinks, they do suck, the motion sensor is terrible. The recording quality is not bad. But the lack of control how long you can record and trigger sensor adjustment is just not practical. Too many loopholes there. Half of my entries exits are never recorded. Lightings great, even with maxed out sensitivity, it’s just not reliable. For a security product it needs to not have any vulnerabilities. I’ll be shifting to something else soon if they don’t fill the gaps.

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No matter what Blink says in their advertising and marketing, it is not a security system. All it really is, is a casual entry level (and priced accordingly) home monitoring system. Oh and by the way, ADT, Lorex, Simplisafe, etc… they ALL have vulnerabilities.

Even the pro installed pro level products used in commercial/retail environments suck. Damn near every day you see in the news crappy video clips from security system at a store, gas station, etc. You can’t make out their face. You can’t read the vehicle license plate, etc. Those systems never got replaced with newer better cameras and technology. Why? Because business owners are cheap asses. It’s the exact same reason you and I bought Blink. It was cheaper than it’s competition! You get what you pay for!