Blink Subscription thru Amazon

I am trying to purchase a Blink Cloud Subscription through Amazon. It does not appear that Amazon will let me use my Amazon Prime card to put the recurring payment on. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone know why this is the case?


Thanks for stopping by the forum! This is my first time hearing about an issue like this, but I have reach out to my boss to let him know about your situation. My best advice is to reach out to our support team at - they’ll be able to gather a few more details from you and help get to the bottom of it.

I talked to support before I posted this and they referred me to Amazon.

Amazon tells me that because I have the “Amazon Prime Store Card” that it is more like a line of credit and not a real credit card and Blink does not have access to that. If I wanted to charge my Blink subscription I would need to have the “Amazon Prime Visa Card” which is a real card.