Blink Subscription Plan Needed

I had two outdoor blink cameras on my system. I purchased a new outdoor camera. I added it to my existing system. I didn’t get a subscription plan. My other two cameras came with recording onto my cell phone without needing any subscription plans. This third camera now won’t record without a subscription plan. Isn’t there a way to have this camera record to my cell phone like the other two without having to purchase a subscription? Part of Blink was savings for those of us who can’t afford subscription plans. Why was I good with my first two cameras and not the third one I added.

Only blink tech support can answer that for you. They are the ones with your system and camera status history. They are the ones that can override problems.

As a wildassguess on my part, try unlinking your blink account with amazon account in the blink mobile app. Then delete the blink app. Then restart your phone and reinstall the blink app. That link to amazon account setting has to do with subscriptions for Blink.