Blink Subscription Plan in The UK

I live in the UK & I’m having what can only be described as ridiculous difficulty in attempting to purchase a Blink Plus subscription plan.

Most of the links apply to the US customers such as account linking & the renewal banner on the Blink app, the only link for UK customers gives details of the plans but no ‘click button’ option to purchase them.

Foolishly I thought that Amazon UK customer services would be able to help but it can only be done by Blink.

I have tried, several times, to use the Blink email contact form but all I get is an “ooops, something went wrong” message so I’ve left a message asking them to phone me.

Have any other UK customers had the same problems & have any of you managed to actually buy a plan?

Thanks for any help.

@suttyblink is the resident expert in all things UK. Blink should have given him a wizard hat and magic wand a long time ago.

Unfortunately the UK’s expert hasn’t offered any advice & Blink haven’t returned my request for as phone call so I’m no further forward.
As my non-legacy Blink cameras will no longer record to the cloud after a couple of weeks I may well replace them with other cameras if I can’t get any reponse from Blink.
I have to say that in all of my 77 years it’s the the one & only time I’ve struggled to get people to sell me something & take my money.

I’m far from an expert, despite Joel’s smoke blowing, and most definitely not when it comes to local storage or subscription. I didn’t answer because I can’t say how local storage, or subscription plans should work because I’m grandfathered into the free subscription plan.

What I can say is that this is all over the place, and has been from the get go. The number of confused buyers reporting back here that they didn’t know where they stood, now including you, has gone way up. I’m sure if this forum wasn’t all but dead, we would be seeing a whole heap more.

I myself wanted to find out how and if local storage actually worked, and what options would be presented as available, for subscription, here in the UK, when the time came. I had a completely spare system, which support sent me, despite me arguing that it couldn’t possibly be the issue/cause of a problem that I had. They insisted, and told me that I could keep the originals. Many weeks later they agreed with me, and told me that there was an incompatibility issue between the new outdoor camera, and the very original sync module, which I had been telling them all along. For weeks I got only, “All cameras are backwards compatible with all sync modules, bar lacking some features, only available on the new sync modules.” Obviously this was incorrect, and I finally got an email from a senior support agent for customer services confirming that I had been right all along.

Anyway, I’m making a short story long, I do that, sorry. I was just explaining why I had a totally spare system. I took that new system, and set it up on a new account. Totally unrelated to my main Blink account, which already has many sync modules and cameras. I run this new account on a virtual device, and it has been running that way for many months, with free cloud storage. All I wanted to do was try to find out what happened when a new account times-out on the free cloud storage, and what the options would be, including testing local storage, to see if it would be a practical option for friends and family, should I choose to recommend Blink, now that it’s a subscription service.

How can I still have free cloud storage, when it is supposed to last only 30 days, and I am now many months in? When I commissioned it, it told me I was on a free trial of cloud storage, and I think it said 30 days, but I have had no notification of its termination, and there is nowhere in the app that gives me a countdown.

Like I said, they are all over the place with this. I’m going to give it another month or so, and then move it over to my main system, and delete my account created for this experiment.

Very short of it, I have nothing to offer, other than my sympathy.

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My bad. I thought for grins you “aquired” a new outdoor camera and a new sync 2.
Then activated the new hardware via a new user account so you could do your own local storage testing. All along you had it on sync 1?

In any case, stay happy, healthy and enjoy in moderation…or not.

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I did, that’s exactly right. I have a new outdoor, and a new sync module 2, they gave them to me, and they are running on a separate account, but I cannot test how anything else works thereafter, because it persists on working perfectly, with free cloud storage, months after setting it up. Go figure!

Cheers for the good wishes. The same to you. Not sure I do anything in moderation, including when drinking boddies.

Beta testing and beer. Some guys have all the luck.

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For UK Blink customers from the horses mouth.

“Thanks for contacting Blink Support! My name is ******* and it will be my pleasure to assist you today. I understand that you are located in the UK and are looking to purchase a plan. When you set up your Blink Mini, Indoor, or Outdoor camera, you will automatically receive an extended free trial of the subscription plan effective from your date of purchase. You will be notified at least 30 days before your free trial expires with information on how to subscribe. As the subscription plans have not yet launched in the EU there is not a way to purchase. Please enjoy your free trial and when it is about to end we will send you in-app messages as well as an email letting you know what to do to extend the cloud storage subscription on your Blink cameras if you wish. If you have any additional comments, please feel free to reply to this email. Thank you and have a great day!”

So now you have two UK experts?
Welcome to the left hand not talking to the right hand club. I’m still going with Blink help desk support is now Amazon help desk support. Amazon reads off of a script and if it isn’t on the script, you’re out of luck.

Cool. That explains why my new account is still going strong with free storage. I may persist with my temporary set-up, and see what happens, eventually, just for grins.

Thanks for posting back with their reply.

As of right now we only have a subs plan enabled in North America. We are working on it outside NA and when ready to be launched, we’ll inform the impacted users ahead of time.

No ETA as of now.