Blink phone pin verification down/failure

Yup me to and I have been here for years. The email pin number worked. But the phone number via text/sms…never sent it. Worse yet, Blink has disabled the mobile app until you get through the 2FA phone number authentication.

In the mobile app is a hyperlink you can click on…don’t have a phone number. That link takes you to the support website.

Again, the phone number is a force feed gotta do it or you’re offline can’t use your system. OK I get it. So I’m offline down, forced to do the phone number thing, put the phone number in for the actual device the app is running on, and booooom. Nothing. Blink never sends the sms text message with the pin…

So I try over again with the voice call method for sending me a pin. No voice call either.

Blink 2FA system for generating PIN is offline
My mobile app is disabled - can’t log in
Cameras just became unusable. Can’t view much less control by an offline mobile app.

This is the epic cluster fukk I was waiting for. It is the exact reason I needed to move on to the next thing/brand. It’s been a nice ride filled with bumps over the years. Flat tires = end of ride. It’s bad enough when hardware doesn’t work. But mobile app going down because of forced 2FA failure on Blink’s end is like i said, epic failure.

But hey, the terms of service warned users this could happen. It’s under the section called AVAILABILITY.

Some Blink Services may be unavailable, vary (by device or geography, for example), or be offered for a limited time. In addition, if your Blink Services require wireless data services and is located in an area where it cannot access such services, you may not be able to use some or all of the Services or other features of your Blink Device. We are not responsible for the unavailability of wireless data services or any corresponding loss of Services.

UPDATE 2/17/21

Delete the app
clear cache on phone
restart phone
reinstall app
new login = send me pin for email
Email is credentialed with pin and it shows exactly what kind of phone I am using in the email that contained pin.

Next up is phone number credentialing. Like magic, the pin number is sent to my phone number via sms. No delays no mistakes. Boom all good.

Now I am 100% convinced Blinks 2FA routine has a bug in it. It does not support or it does not keep track of old accounts well. It forces you to start over per example I gave above.

2FA for a new customer with an unregistered email and unregistered phone/device more than likely works just fine.

I’m thinking Blink’s desire to support backwards compatibility in both it’s hardware as well as software platforms is waning. Want it to work, start over and/or buy the new stuff.

This is exactly what Microsoft did with Win 7. Start over or upgrade, your choice. We no longer support old hardware and/or old software. This is for security reasons of course. This is also how people got pissed at Bill Gates and Microsoft. It’s also how Google/Android platform rose to the top for user base.