Blink or Arlo

I am doing some research on outdoor cameras, and so I thought I would ask each communtiy what they think of their product. What do you like so much about Blinks cameras? I have read this:
and not sure what to make of each brand

Most people bought Blink because of initial price being lower than Arlo. Next was no monthly fees and longer battery life. The up to 2 years battery life is just that…up to. Realistically it is 3-18 months depending on usage. Some are getting 2 years but it is with very low usage per day.

There are dozens of live realistic comparisons on youtube. That’s what I used when I was shopping. Congratulates your self on doing the homework before you buy. Way too many people out there that do the homework after they buy due to assumptions made that resulted in frustrations and a poor customer experience.

I am in the market for a security cam system and am comparing Blink and Arlo, but I tend to like the battery life and type used by Blink, but I definitely DON’T like the fact that you can’t use the Blink system on my home PC. I might wait until Blink solves this and then buy a Blink system, but I’m on the fence currently.

Look at Ring outdoor cams with Solar panel power. Ring works on desktop PC.

Or wait 3-6 months and get Wyze soon to be released outdoor cam. Wyze cams are 20 bucks currently. Peeps are putting indoor cam in a 3rd party enclosure to turn them into outdoor cams

Mine are bare, but under eves. I want to see how long they can last.

The low temp spec on them must be very conservative if you ran them all winter and they are still going. Spec shows 32-104°F.

The cameras generate internal heat. Not sure if that’s why everyone in northern climates are able to run them in winter outdoors with no case.