Blink Notification to Echo Show 8

I’ve recently bought a Echo Show 8 on Prime Day to compliment the Blink XT2 cameras we have at home with the impression that it is possible to get a notification on Echo Show when motion is detected on the cameras and then to ask Alexa to show the live feed of that camera. Looking at the Blink website it states that is possible by turning on the notification setting on the Alexa app for the devices. However on my device setting there is no option to turn on notifications. I have tried re-installing the device and re-discovering it as suggested on the website but to no avail…can anyone help???

did you install the blink skill?


will alexa show the cam when you ask her too?

mine has a tab that i can turn on and off. Looks different than yours. Maybe yours is under “supply?”
Did you try seeing if the app could be updated?

Are you in Europe, USA or somewhere else? Routines are not yet enabled anywhere other than USA,


I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled yet still the same

what happens when you click on “supply?” I am surprised your app looks so much different than mine.