Blink no longer connects http 406 error since firmware 4.2.9 update

Http 406 error since firmware update to 4.2.9.

I use - a rural wireless network that uses Wireguard VPN at the exit point. I can’t disable the VPN as it’s required on a mesh network.

Blink no longer works - the sync modules and clients can no longer connect to the blink cloud so my system is useless.

I read somewhere that blink no longer works with VPNs. Is this true?

Blink will work over a VPN, but the catch is, if you have lost connection with the sync module, the only way to get back up and running is to set it back up while the VPN is disabled. With the VPN being reenabled after re-setup. Based on what you have said this is an issue since you can’t disable the VPN.
My curious question is regarding one of your statements…

the sync modules and clients can no longer connect to the blink cloud so my system is useless.

What are you doing with Blink that there are “Clients”, or do you work for Wireguard or something?

No, by clients I meant cameras.

Given that the wireguard VPN used by my network is “baked in” I have no way to turn it off.

The system was working perfectly till the update. How is Amazon going to help?


Not sure what to tell you. Everything I have read about VPNs from Blink support states it has to be turned off to reconnect then can be turned back on. I would contact Blink Support directly to see if there’s any way around it?

I am having the same issue…HTTP 406 even without VPN.
Have been working with various scenarios to regain connection to no avail.
The system is now useless!
Has anyone heard anything from Support about this?

Contacted support and they asked for specifics…Router model, IP Address, phone device. They told me they would get back to me after escalation.

I will advise if any resolution is reached.

Can I ask you folks’

  1. Where exactly are you getting this http 406 error? Can we see a screenshot?
  2. My sync module is currently showing firmware ver 4.2.9 as well updated April 2nd. And I have had no issues, Cameras have the following Firmware

XT2s - Firmware Version 8.53
Outdoors - Firmware Version 10.42

Phone screenshot plus iPad screenshot

Note, my network is a rural mesh network. The wireguard vpn is always on for security and privacy reasons. It is fundamental to the network operation as traffic travels through other private routers. for more details.


I also started having this problem on two Blink installations in two different locations today. In one case, I get the unable to connect. In the other case, I either get the HTTP 406 error or just the entire system is off line. I spent two hours with support today and they finally decided that it was my internet connection, however when I told them that it was at two locations with two different types of ISP’s they had no answer.

I have the same problem…error http 406 …blink says to contact my isp, did that…still nothing.
This is a rural area isp (ltd broadband)and does not use a vnp…been disabled on mine to try and get ths system back up.
Any help is appreciated.


Amazon advised me that there is nothing they can do in my case. I have asked them to refund the cost of my system - 2 sync modules and 8 cameras. I’ll update when I get their answer.

That’s it? Nothing they can do? No explanation as to what is causing it? Or are they just stating you HAVE to be off the VPN to setup?


After my ISP contacted them, Amazon claimed that they weren’t blocking anyone. I deleted all of my sync modules and cameras (again) and set everything up from scratch (again) and this time that worked. All back online, no error messages.

Not sure why that didn’t work a few days ago. Maybe something else was broken with blink cloud.

I am out of town and having this 406 error. I know that it is not a power outage issue. I am unable to do other troubleshooting procedures remotely. So now I am without the security that I purchased the system for.