Blink Mobile App Form Results!

Hey All! I’ve compiled some of the results from the first Google Form. I tried to incorporate ones that are particularly interesting or unexpected. See below for various charts; as of today there has been 84 votes! Thank you to everyone who participated! Leave your comments and thoughts below!

Not too surprised by the results here. Definitely seen a lot of requests for this feature, but doesn’t seem to be a huge priority for most people; but something you guys want to see in the future.

Looking at the results above for account sharing, I was really surprised to see how mixed the responses were! This is one I expected to have a far majority as “purple” but actually was evenly split!

One of our most requested features, I would love to hear more about why this is something wanted by so many. Is it just down to convenience of viewing on your computer? Would you guys also want full functionality on a computer, or perhaps something slightly different?

Scene management results was not much of a surprise. This is by far one of our most requested features, and it is good to see the majority of users backing this!

Included this one because I figured I would get requests for how this one turned out! Obviously a huge priority for all of you and something we are working on and hope to fix as soon as we can!


@nick_at_blink what surprises me more than anything is the low amount of participation. With well over 500 forum members, I’d have thought more than 84 would’ve expressed an opinion. Just say’n …

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I think a lot of those 500 people just come here to make an end run around having to email support. There really is only 10 or so regulars I see on here. I’m actually surprised at the participation :grin:


You could be right @A_Person, lots of folks these days are quick to complain while also being unwilling to help improve matters. But I’ll step off my soapbox now. :roll_eyes:


@nick_at_blink Thank you for sharing the results. What is next for this? Can you plan a road map on items you would take up with Dev team and your plans on the same? Please note I am not asking to have it in place right away but just asking for a road map…so that we find more active participants to vote in the upcoming polls…

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Hi @nick_at_blink

For the feature “Access Blink in Browser”, and concerning my point of view, i would love those functionalities:

  • View clips
  • Record a Photo or a Clip

Best Regards.

What happened to instant motion event alert (before recording is complete)? This goes hand in hand with record live view.

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It’s great…but what next?
I already asked about a roadmap and understood that it doesn’t exist (or is not issued)…

Just my opinion, but that seems like a lose-lose proposition for them. If they’re too specific and they end up not meeting expectations/deadlines, people will complain that the feature(s) they were promised hasn’t materialized yet. Too general and people will complain that it lacks specifics.


@marktheknife totally agree better to appear to over deliver than under perform.

Ok but surely they must have some kind of development program / roadmap with a timing?
I would hope so…rather than no direction or nothing at all.

I am sure they do , @nick_at_blink has said as much , but they aren’t going to share that with customers, nor would I expect them to. I am not aware of any tech company that openly shares their road map. We just have to be patient … To me Blink opening this forum and being so receptive to new ideas is a sign of great things to come


100% agree. If they have no plan when they pitch to investors, that’s a real problem. Not sharing that same type of plan with consumers (and competitors) is a smart business practice.

So what you are saying is that we just need to wait and see…

@mafa exactly but I don’t think they are just conducting these surveys to placate us … I think we will definitely see some of the requests implemented, but when is anyone outside of Blink’s guess.

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It is still a relatively new product on the market.
Like any new product, once it is out you have to decide where to go with it next.
Instead of having a bunch of marketing guys try to figure it out, getting feedback (even negative feedback) is helpful.
It tells the company what they missed what they should have done, and what is right on the money.

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Hay @nick_at_blink,

I take it back. If you add 2-way audio to Blink cameras, they would be life changing.

People on SmartThings community forums are constantly asking for a camera like Blink and when I tell them about it, the One big question is:

Is it 2-way audio?


Definitely agree on 2 way audio…I’ve been trying all the smart doorbells and they are all so unstable they are useless. I finally think I found a stable camera with 2 way audio after giving up on the doorbells, but it’s free cloud storage isn’t nearly as robust as Blink.


I only come out here occasionally to see new/interesting posts. Didn’t know about the poll or I would’ve voted. The results are in line with my views even without my votes.