Blink Mobile App. Beta Sign Up!

Looking forward to future beta testing opportunities. Keep us in the loop :slight_smile:

Just completed joining correctly…am I in?

Hi @Emmersup, you are in! Thanks for signing up!

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If you still know people who would like to sign up for the beta, we are looking for quite a few more!

I’ll repost this on the SmartThings community Blink forum.

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Thank you @lmosenko!

Just reposted there. :ok_hand:

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I just signed up.

Hi @btcompute,

Thanks for signing up! I noticed you signed up for iOS, but unfortunately we are only expanding the Android beta at this time. Sorry for the confusion, my more recent post clarifies this. However, we will definitely be expanding the iOS beta more in the near future, and I will keep your information in our records for when we are ready to do so!

I look forward to being able to help out!

My husband has an Android also, but we have only one camera set, would it be any help if he signed up as well?

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Hi @Emmersup,

It is totally up to him! As I’m not part of the mobile app team, I’m not sure if there is any added benefit on our end to have two devices in the beta, from the same system… but it doesn’t hurt!

If you have any openings left for beta testing id love to put my hand up.
Im a software systems tester in my day job for a major Govt Department and day in day out am hunting bugs and issues for the coders to fix. Im also a beta tester for a surfing app called sessions on ios and have found numerous bugs to squash :slight_smile:

Thanks for your inquiry @Aft3rd4rk! We are not taking more beta testers at the moment, but will surely be looking to expand sometime in the future. I’m not sure exactly when that will be, but I’ll keep you update when it opens again!

Anxiously awaiting the blink doorbell to add to our 8 cameras! Beta test…oh yea!

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I was on the Android beta, now using an iPhone. Before I submit a new request is there something on the backend that can be switched?

Hi @Kidkamel,

We have not run any beta versions of the app in a little while, but when we are ready to move forward with more beta testing you will certainly be able to switch to the iOS beta if you like.

Thank you!!

I want to beta test the android app too! Let me know when signups open again.

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Will do!