Blink mini outdoor case/cam

Love my 2 new indoor mini cams would love it if you sold a case to use outside or do a outdoors mini cam??

Thanks for the feedback. While we are unable to comment on our future product or feature roadmap we would be happy to pass along your suggestion for an Outdoor Mini to our Team for consideration.

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The outdoor shields, better mounts, cases, etc. have almost always come from 3rd party vendors for Blink as well as many other brands. These are available on Amazon, Ebay, etc. One thing to watch out for is humidity and temperature. Encasing an indoor camera does not keep out humidity and temperature extremes. But with the low price of mini, myself and others consider it a throwaway device so experimenting with what it can and can’t do is certainly affordable.

Want to make the mini indoor dang near waterproof? Apply liquid electrical tape to it. Yes liquid tape is a thing.

Yes are very cheap will wait and see if case comes out and will look at l liquid tape never seen this before mit test one covered in this and see whats happen outside if i can get it in the uk