Blink mini on blink receiver with usb recorder clips only last 3 seconds

So I have installed the new Blink Mini and I have paired it to a new receiver I bought which allows for storage of videos onto USB in addition to cloud and the clips are only 3 seconds long reagrdless of how long I set the length. And yes I have “stop when motion ends” set to off. (see picture). My signal strength is 3 bars I have 4 Enterprise quality Ruckus 700 APs that are repeating via PoE connection the 2.4ghz strength at the location of the camera is -39db so it should not be am issue. The 3 second length video renders the camera install as utterly useless. Might as well install the $5 fake camera setup.

What happens when you use the Blink mini without the receiver? That receiver is called a sync module 2 if you care to use proper terminology. The mini indoor cameras do not need a sync module to operate. The ONLY thing the sync module 2 would do for you with a mini is allow once a day download of all video clips from the cloud, to a usb thumb drive. You then have to take the thumb drive out and watch the videos on a computer, tablet, etc. The watch them from the blink mobile app does not work yet.

Be advised the newer routers are not playing nice with Blink. The dumb old single frequency routers, far less problems. New routers that do bandwidth optimizing are reported to be problematic.

Read and run this

Ah, that might be the case. My routers or rather the Ruckus r750 AP do perform beam forming and auto mesh healing via optimizing power and channel selection via the Channel Fly algorithm so that might be an issue.

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Blink has not caught up yet with advanced home network users. They market towards the so easy mom could do it crowd. Me, I’m still trying to figure out why people spend all the money on super cool neato home network and home automation. Then go ultra cheap on home security via buying Blink products. Especially Blink mini.

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I won the blink security setup in a raffle. It was 6 xt2 cameras, 3 minis and 5 internal white blink ones with 3 receivers and one of them being the usb one.