Blink mini failing to notify and record

I have a blink mini camera, which I added to a system that already has blink xt’s and xt2’s. There didn’t seem to be any problem adding the camera, and it worked for a few days as normal, but it seems to not trigger recordings or alerts. If I unplug it and plug it back into power, it works for a short time (hours, or maybe one day) then stops. I can get a live video through the app as normal, but it won’t trigger a recording on its own. I notice the red status led light is on all the time as well, even though I set it to “off”.

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I don’t have a mini, but I think there are many posts regarding this issue. A search of the forum should find the details.

From memory, it is a known issue, on which Blink are working on a solution, going through final testing at the moment, but I may be wrong, so have a search around.

I think it might just be this one camera with the issue. The other mini I just installed appears to be working correctly.

Mine has done the same since blink started charging for cloud service. My experience has turned so negative, I’m considering using a different brand. Good luck with a solution. I would be interested in what you found that works.

Hi I am having it drop out not recording anything unless you kill power and hook it backup. Must be a new flaw in it my other two minis work ok.

Ive called tech support and they dont have a clue what im even trying to tell them. They said it must be a problem with only mine. I referred them to the forum (they) created to see that many others are having a problem. Mine has only gotten worse. Thanks for the tip.