Blink mini doesn't play captured clips

Hi. I have a blink mini. Its been working fine for a few months. Today it was not sending me notifications when there was activity in my apt. When I got home it creates a 15 second capture but it won’t replay for me. Right now I can look at live mode and it works. I reset a few times and viewing the captured clips still doesn’t play. Any suggestions? Thank you.

I set mine up today and their performance was spotty. I wonder if the Blink server was overwhelmed from all of the new Mini Cameras being set up and tested, that were purchased on Prime Day? It’s a real possibility!

Best keep an eye on yours for another week or so to see if this was a load volume blip. I’m testing mine out for a few weeks before I decide if I’m keeping them or not.

Thanks. I thought about that last night after troubleshooting my own wifi connection. It seems to be working properly-- right now that is. We’ll see what happens while I’m at work and dog walker shows up.

And thanks for reply. As long ascwifi connection is usually stable - my blink mini has had good up time. Only once I lost power for a length if time and it was a pain in the butt to get it back online. Otherwise it shows me what I need while I’m at work. Good luck!