Blink mini camera setup

Anybody having trouble setting up the new mini camera.

Trying to set up two blink mini camera’s without sucess. Go through the setup but then it says Mini camera failed to connect. It then shows me my wifi password and suggest that I may have put in the wrong one. Then the red led goes solid. Only way I see to reset it is with the reset button on bottom. What’s the secret?

I just setup a XT2 without any problems.

Is this the only way to get in touch with Blink for help. I see that the email link to support does not work.

I can’t help with your mini setup as I haven’t got one. However, this most definitely is NOT the place for Blink tech support. This is a user to user forum and Blink personnel rarely make an appearance here anymore. Best bet is to call tech support. The number is in the app. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

Hold the reset button on the bottom for at least 5-10 seconds. If it still won’t work after that call tech support. Make sure you are trying to connect to 2.4ghz.

The 1-800 number for Support is in the App under settings.

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Be sure you’re using your SSID PW on your 2.4 channel…not your router password.

Someone I know (!) did that once.

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Bingo. Thanks.

Doesn’t work for me. Seems to try to reach out to the Blink Servers… and zip

Press and HOLD the small reset button on the bottom for 5-10 seconds. Try that and starting the setup process over. Try once or twice. If that doesn’t work CALL blink support to get a live person.

Absolutely. Going to give it a few hours more unplugged and after reset. Want to make sure that I’m following instructions properly as well (never anything more embarassing than calling up support and discovering ‘user error’ due to failure to properly read!). If it still doesn’t connect, call to support it is.

No need to leave it unplugged like that the reset button reboots the whole thing. Make sure you’re on the latest app also.

I assumed that the reset button would, but at this point I’m willing to be over-cautious. Also am on the most updated version of the app. Have an e-mail into support now, and will see. Will call tomorrow when I have time if there’s no reply. Will also update the group with any discoveries or developments.

Hoping its something simple and just an oversight on my end.

Appreciate the input!

I’m having the same exact problem. The sync module and XT2 cameras set up fine, but when I tried to add the mini camera I get the same error message. I reached out to customer support, but so far it hasn’t been too helpful. Their latest email response said they can see that my mini camera is set up properly on my account. Uhh, no it isn’t. Lol. Waiting for their latest reply.
Just for the record, someone suggested to uninstall the app and clear the cache from my phone. Then reinstall the app amd start with installing the mini camera. This did not work either - still getting the same error message.

Where is the reset button?

A very small botton on the bottom of the cam.

Have you found a solution? If not, try restart modem, turn off cellular data on your phone/tablet, reset mini cam. Then try adding mini cam again as normal. Hope this helps everyone. 5 cameras up and running now