Blink mini camera already registered to another account HELP

Hello guys I forgot my password to my account that I had originally set my camera up on now I have my old number matched to that account so I can’t reset my password which I’ve forgot I tried making a new account to set my camera up at my new house and it says it’s registered to another account PLEASE HELP ME

The only way to resolve this is to have the original account de registered. Blink CAN do that for you if you can provide proof of purchase for your Blink Minis. But otherwise they won’t. You will need to contact Blink support.

Or, if you cannot prove it, try super hard to remember the email account you originally used. Surely you can’t have that many email addresses. Write them all down, and try each one in turn, if you have to. When you try each one, instead of trying to log in, choose the reset password option that appears on the log in screen.

When you hit on the right one, you will get a password reset email, to your correctly registered account. This will do two things. It will confirm the correct username/account detail, because Blink will not send reset details to the wrong/unregistered account, and it will allow you to reset the password for that account.

If you can neither prove ownership, or work out, as above, what account you originally used, then the camera will be useless.

Good luck.