Blink keypad?


As a security system, I try to arm blink when I leave my home. But it’s not yet a habit and we often forget.

I wonder if a keypad shouldn’t be an interesting product for a lot of people. It would be also helpful, in case of close parents having to come in during our absence.

I’m afraid that IFTTT and geolocalization will be a waste of energy (for my smartphone).
Does the intent exist to ask a delayed arming to Alexa ? “Alexa, arm blink in 5 minutes” (time to leave)

If a siren and a keypad would exist, I would place Blink everywhere… For the moment, if I have to install a security system to have such functionnalities, I won’t waste my time to arm 2 systems…



I doubt very much you will ever see a keypad for Blink. As far as a siren - Blink had one and dropped it a few years ago. Really, who wants a siren going off when a bug trips the cam? The sirens never were big sellers. I have no opinion on your Alexa idea, but it does sound interesting.

There in lies your 1st problem. Blink is NOT a security system, does not have the monthly fees of a security system, and does not have the price tag nor the professional installation charges associated with a security system. I don’t care what the hell Blink calls it in their marketing campaigns.

In reality, it is a low cost entry level home monitoring system. Blink customers are so dang cheap they are buying used Blink cameras and sync modules because they are so easy to install. Then they get bummed out and beeyatch online that their preowned Blink security system failed them. Or worse yet, they can’t install it due to it’s already preregistered to someone else.

The common theme about Blink owners is they want the features and benefits of a real genuine security system, but for the Blink price tag. The keypad thing is a great idea. However, Blink is so far away from ADT, Honeywell, and the other big boys in security it’s laughable.

OK now be honest, if whatever you’re trying to protect is that important to you, why did you go with the low bidder? Now you know why you’re a Blink customer. Like you, I’m a cheapazz too. Covid-19 may turn me into a Wyze customer down the road.

It’s not up to you to decide what is the category of a product that you did not designed. It’s up to the constructor. Also, stop with your wrong statements like “does not have the monthly fees of a security system”, you’re writing false statements, you should only write about subjects that you master. You’re not a security product sector expert. Keep your basic conclusion for you.

Even a low cost home monitoring system, which is largely distributed worldwide, deserves a keypad (call it low cost keypad if you prefer, nobody cares). Blink makes good products, reliable, and usefull accessories could be usefull for a lot of people. I won’t waste my words with someone who seems to have a problem with Blink. Keep your bitterness, you write without knowing anything, wrongly and through. Enjoy Wyze’s forum

I’m siding with @Joel_Ek. Not a security system. Too many weak links. Too easy to work around.

It’s a low-cost monitoring system.

Ok, let me have it…

Your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s. Do you know of any other camera system (not alarm system) that has an available keypad? Just curious.

More to the point, Jo-el’s opinion is as valid as that of anyone else, and as it happens I agree with him too. Post questions in a public forum, and expect the public to reply, with their opinions, good bad or indifferent. In this case good, and clearly to the point.

Shame you’re worried about wasting energy with your smartphone by utilising IFTTT. I have a whole bunch of Blink related IFTTT applets, that work a treat, including a siren.

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Quit your God damn whining. I said a,keyboard is,a great idea. But not gonna happen with Blink for multiple reasons. You sure,as hell don’t sign my paycheck. As such, you have zero power or authority to tell me what to do or not to do. Your opinion is just as important or not as mine and everyone else in this forum. Be advised, if you keep up the rhetoric, you’ll be flagged, timeout, kicked out. We’ll all assume you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Thanks for your constructive answer. I’ll test some applets. I’m curious if IFTTT manages correctly multiple users, activating the system only when the last has left. I’ve read some bad comments about it.
Unfortunately some are applets not available for us (outside of USA). I’m curious to know which one you’re using to trigger a siren.

@ronsec the fact that other camera systems do not propose this kind of accessory does not mean that it shouldn’t be an option for Blink/Amazon. I recently discovered that EZVIZ (ezSensor Remote K2) proposes it. Personal feeling, though, Blink looks more serious (communication, products, quality?) than EZVIZ (I got one).

Can’t speak with regard to how IFTTT manages multiple users, or with regard to what applets are available within the USA, to compare and contrast that to those outside, because I only use those outside.

In the past, when I started using IFTTT, their native geolocation was a little unreliable, so I use Life360, and it works perfectly. Create an account with Life360, set up locations and family members as you require, and then link it to IFTTT. Build your own applets as to whether it is one or all members you need to arrive or leave for a given location, based on your needs, and change the chosen Blink system status accordingly.

For this, mine is simple. An IFTTT applet for when I leave my chosen Life360 location to arm the system, and an applet for when I arrive at my Life360 location to disarm the Blink system. Could not work better and has never failed.

As far as what’s available for Blink. If you have ‘do something on motion’, which is available for the IF, and you have ‘Arm’ or ‘Disarm’ option for the THEN, I don’t think there’s much else that is needed. In each case the other half of the expression is handled by the other service.

For example, my siren looks like this.

If motion detected from camera: ‘Inside cabin’, then turn on eWeLink single channel smart switch: ‘Cabin siren switch’.

The switch then routes power to the siren. I have inching set on that switch for 60 seconds (means it reverts to previous switch state after a set amount time), so the siren goes off again. If they continue to hang around, and set off Blink again, then it will sound again, and so on. Since this camera is inside, I haven’t had a single false alert, not even from a spider, or similar, and it always sounds on testing. Fortunately, I’ve also had no real alerts. When the applet does trigger, the IFTTT app receives a notification, so I know the siren has sounded. That way I will get the video(s) from Blink, and be advised that the applet ran from IFTTT, so I will know the siren sounded.

Unfortunately it is not an XT2, so I can’t enable early notifications, so the siren sounds after the Blink activity has finished, because the push notification from Blink doesn’t go out to IFTTT until the activity has ended. With an XT2 it could be speeded up a little. Still, it’s good enough, because they would expect to be entirely undisturbed, if they were breaking in here, and wouldn’t be rushing, so the siren sounding whilst they are in there is good enough for me. At least it will come as a shock to them and they will be alerted to the fact that someone likely knows they are there.

You don’t have to have the IFTTT app on your phone, but I chose to have it so I could get notifications of the applets running.

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Thanks, I just tried to use Life360. Unfortunately, when I click on “Life360 works better with Blink” on IFTTT and provides my Blink (EU) account, it doesn’t work. It’s the same error that I have when I try to use official Blink IFTTT applets instead of Blink Europe’s ones. It seems that European users have to use “Location” instead, which is probably similar to Life360. To follow…

Btw, Blink, if you read us, it seems that my keypad idea has convinced unanimously here :grin:

I am in Europe, and Life360 works a treat with IFTTT and when used in conjunction with Blink. Not sure why you would be having issues. Maybe call support. Good luck with it.

Thanks, I’m going to test first the similar applets working with Location (which seems to be the geolocation of the IFTTT app itself).

With regards to my initial idea, it seems that someone has created applets that allows to use buttons (?) :
What buttons is it using? It’s not clear at all…


Joel–It’s true–most users want something simple and effective to install and use. I’m having much better luck with Blink than I did with a Foscam POE and iSpy. It was simply too much monitoring at some point in time.

Yes, Wyze is coming out with their new model; it’s ready for pre-order. But,

May want to sign up for a pre-order–will arrive in October.

A 12 second limit on motion. Ouch!

Use iSpy?

Wyze, like Blink, is full of problems. With all of these entry level so easy mom could do it camera systems…you get what you pay for. In any case, my money is going towards other things. I’m kinda done with wireless toy cameras. Although this place provides non stop entertainment.

Indeed, you’re a famous “entertainer”, welcome a new poster with these words : “Liar”, “cheap blink customer”, and so on, then trying to give lessons. That’s indeed very funny.

Also, because I’m constructive, if vendors like EZVIZ makes remote command for their toys, it’s NOT laughable that Blink could do it too.

You’re right, it’s not laughable. It’s sad. After you’ve been a Blink customer for a few years, the bitchslap of reality doesn’t take long to leave a mark. . Over the four years or so of Blink’s existence, they actually took away products. The siren. doorbell, and the home security system come to mind. So many false hopes that never come to fruition during the kickstarter days.

Now Blink’s progress is one new product per year. Yup, only one. So the reality is if you wan’t something extra, get it from a different vendor. The accessories for Blink always have and always will be through 3rd party vendor. You’ll get a Blink doorbell before you get a Blink keyboard. But in all of this don’t blame Blink. Blame Amazon. They are the parent that controls the purse strings.

I finally agree. I hope that they could surprise us in the next months/year even if different posts that I may read here do not look good. It seems that multiple “basic” software suggestions are not even heard. The multiplicity of vendors is something that I want to avoid (multiple apps, multiple system to activate, no way). If Blink doesn’t diversify a minimum, I’ll switch to another ecosystem where I’ll find all what I need… But after outdoor and indoor camera, I hope they won’t simply produce… yet another camera!?

I’m still waiting for the Blink and Ring are now one company announcement.


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