Blink is a memorable rip off

Module failed. Tech can’t help resolve, supervisor will not replace. Recommended solution? Buy Blink 2 for $99. Ha Ha Ha!!

Sell em on ebay, amazon, woot, letitgo, etc. Tons of people out there looking for preowned Blink hardware. Never ever let something that doesn’t work for you keep you from making a buck.

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Batteries in the equipment lasts 2 years; module lasted me 18 months. Says Blink: “yours don’t work, so sorry, we will sell you another for $99” I wonder how many fools do that?

Well dude, guess what you didn’t tell us in your original post…You’re 6 months past the 1 year warranty.

Now we know why Blink didn’t give you a warranty replacement. Once again, more details come out as the story progresses.

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The bigger question is whether the module actually failed or is this is the garden variety of - all the various resets, etc. needing done. If there are no lights or power - well, just might be the module (but try a different USB cord and adapter).

The OP had a few of choices.
#1 Ask for help
#2 buy a new sync module and install it
#3 come here as a new member and the first posts are bich bich bich bash Blink.

Preowned and extra sync modules (gen 1) are a dime a dozen on Amazon, Ebay, etc. The choices were easy and clear. The person took path #3 . Saving the best for last is how some people roll. We see this every weeks and at times every day. First post hating trolls are everywhere.

Please do go right ahead and pay for replacements as you see fit especially when they are “dime a dozen”. Not me. Just now got a note from Blink saying a replacement module is on its way. I guess raising a fuss when warranted gets results.

Sorry, I’m not riding that train.