Blink Feature Ranking Form Version 2

Hey Community Folk!

Please find the second Google Form to collect your thoughts on some more widely talked about additions for Blink! This time I’ve included hardware additions/changes as well as more Mobile App changes, based on all of your feedback. As always please let me know if there is anything I missed and we can continue to compile a list for another form in the near future!

Update: Just wanted to let you all know we have hit 112 responses for the second Google Form! In a matter of days we have already caught up to the number of responses from the first! Thanks to everyone for participating, and I will post results at the end of this week, or beginning of next.


Another nice job @nick_at_blink! :+1:

Done! Good job!

Done thanks @nick_at_blink

Just completed. Nice.

Late to the party! But done

Whatever you all do, the sound triggering is NOT a great idea for the XT cameras. How are you going to stop car noise or wind. Hell even the occasional hornet that triggers the camera.


Also out of all the questions, Not a single one was asked about the sensitivity and blocking out trees or plants. Hell even garden flags…

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Hey @Taps,

Regarding the sound triggering a recording, I absoltuely see your point. This feature would definitely have to be optional, or maybe packaged in a different device in some way. Personally, I would find this useful to some capacity, as I use my cameras to check on my dog and ensure he isn’t barking in my apartment.

Also, the sensitivity and motion detection masking were actually included in our first Blink Feedback forum! I realize these are hugely important, and wanted to include features that were not in the first one.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Done :slight_smile:

Thanks for seeking our input and considering our ideas.
Not all businesses do that.


Hi @btcompute,

It’s my pleasure! I love getting feedback directly from the community, and at Blink we really try to garner as much feedback as possible to improve our products in ways that you all want to see. :grinning: