Blink Community forum changes

Hello everyone!

We are making some changes to our Blink forum to turn it into an even better place for the community around our cameras to interact and learn together.

In preparation for these changes, we are not allowing any new users to sign up with this existing forum.

Thanks for being a part of the Blink community and we look forward to seeing you in the future!

-Will at Blink.

If anyone has suggestions or comments about potential forum features, feel free to sound off below!

Blink support staff have avoided this forum for a long time, deciding not to help people here. Now you post coming changes, I go to the link and of course is says “down for maintenance.” Really Blink?

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Honestly its yet another example of cancel culture.

What’s the easiest way to make bad press dissappear? Simply delete it at Will.

Yes pun intended.

Amazon sells tons of it’s own devices.

I own a number of their devices but considering the number of devices amazon sells I never remember that forum loaded to the gills with posts.

@Will_at_Blink is the old stuff getting moved?

Just went to that page mentioned by the OP. I had never visited there before. It looks like the Blink-related material is found under Home>Smart Home>Cameras. If you already have an Amazon account, when you click to register you get a permission screen for it to just drag over your Amazon profile for your forums account, but you can select the Username you want to use in the forums. It let me use my same Username as here so if you see StingrayJG over there, that will be me.
I really do hope that all the prior material from this current forum gets imported over there, but for some reason I have this nagging feeling it might not.

The nice thing about many forums is that they are independent of a product account. You may not even need a product account. And all of the spam e-mail can be directed to a dead e-mail account.

This sounds more like amazon scrapping any and all posts and associating them with my amazon profile. No thanks.

There is way too much bad press/feedback and first post troll content in this forum for it to be copied into an existing Amazon forum. If you think somebody is gonna cherry pick the content and just bring over the good, I want a hit off that pipe.

Cancelling history is a thing nowadays. Especially kid stuff! When you realize Amazon is a far left cancel culture company too, it cacelling this forum falls into place. Remember, AWS cancelled Parler


I’m not holding out any realistic hope for the material to get dragged over. For reasons you, others and I have already discussed here at great length (money/budget, general apathy/neglect from “mothership” Amazon, just plain old don’t want to, etc) I definitely wouldn’t bet MY money on it…
Too bad because there is a a lot of good material in here but I guess that’s the way the ball bounces sometimes…

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