Blink cloud subscription

Was just wondering what does people think of this? Also there’s a sync module 2 that is going to allow for local storage via usb.

Would this mean blink xt2 will have free cloud storage still ?

Free storage for existing users and new users free trial then pay for cloud storage the way I understand it. Also not clear on weather that’s for XT cams since they won’t work with the local storage part of the new Sync module.

After looking at the Amazon page for the Blink Mini it compares it to the current indoor and XT cam. It appears XT cams will still have free cloud but the Mini requires cloud subscription after free trial or local storage if you want to record anuthing.

Just seen this advertised on Amazon U.K. Does everyone now have to have a subscription whereas before was free?

Is this all users existing and new? Haven’t had an email from Blink explaining this.

Also (eventually) when Sync 2 comes can you just use local and not have a cloud subscription?

I’ve been recommending Blink a lot, someone just asked but now unsure as always said, it’s just the camera and free after. But if now need an ongoing subscription this could change a lot.

Get to know the Blink support website. Your answers are within. That website is also the owner’s manual.

The mini indoor, new indoor/outdoor, and sync module 2 are ALL covered. Free cloud storage for existing customers of older products is also talked about.

If they decide to make it that you have to pay…I’m sure everyone will pass on these now…this is a scam to charge for cloud storage … time to go to lorex, better quality and cheaper

Youll have a choice.
Cloud fee storage or free local storage. Local will be your own thumb drive inserted into the new sync module 2. Stay tuned for 2021 for it’s release.

Too bad you cant watch the local storage on the app. You have to take the USB to a computer. So if you want to watch video storage from your phone, it is only through the paid cloud that you can do that.

For 4 years now, people have been begging to watch the Blink video clips on their computer. Blink now gives them a way to do that, and all the sudden it’s screw the computer, I want to watch them on my mobile device. The bottom line is customers always want what isn’t offered.

I’ll say it again, I’m only here for the non stop entertainment value that customer’s bring to this community.

Im New here, this was my 1st post. So, I did not know, people wanted the ability to save to a USB, and watch on the PC. Not sure where your hostility is coming from…I was just making and observation…I dont think its out of bounds to think I would be able to watch the clips, on local storage, on the app. Why isnt both possible? I can watch the videos stored on my $25 amcrest pan/tilt/zoon/night vision/person tracking nanny cams 128gb card, through the app, anywhere in the world for free. I would think watching videos, on a usb, attached to the module, is not an unreasonable request.

Being able to record to a USB, and move it to a PC, where I can store them on a HD, is nice.

I just bought 2, 5 cam systems on todays very nice Amazon deal. $250 for 5 cams and the module is a great deal.

I did a lot of research before buying these. I know what I am getting into (sort of)… (I had Hikivsion and used Blue iris for years before this, at a previous house)

But to sum up some of my thoughts:

  1. I thought Local storage would mean that I would be able to view clips through the app that were saved to the USB. Not the case. So I pivoted, and bought a nice 5tb external drive, also on amazon day today, so I will move videos to that as needed. My bad for not understanding sooner.
  2. I had hoped local storage meant No subscription needed. Clearly not the case. If i want clips to be recorded, and seen on my phone, I must have a Cloud plan… which brings me to #3.
  3. If I dont have a cloud plan, will it still record them, and put them on my USB stick? It would seem the answer to that is also no, because it has to record to the cloud 1st, and then move them to your USB once a day. So no Cloud plan, no local storage either, if I am understanding this correctly.
  4. Seems they upped the USB capability from 64 to 256(in the help section it now says 256). Thats very nice.
  5. If I have a cloud plan, and 10 cameras, for $10, am I getting 7200 seconds per camera? It says per account… so the guy with 1 cam, has the same amount of storage as the guy with 10 cams? And if that is true, then I would at least like to see, some tiered pricing for more cloud storage. I am willing to pay more, but the choice isnt even there.
  6. Why isnt the double battery pack available yet?

I understand what I am getting into. A low cost battery driven video monitoring system. Doesnt mean I wouldnt like to see some improvements… and some of those would make Amazon money… (battery packs, bigger cloud storage space).

And I applaud some of the improvements attempted already.

I look forward to putting the system through its paces, and tweak it to fit my needs as best I can.
Solar panel where needed… moving videos to external storage, using an android emulator to watch on a pc, tweaking my solar lights, so maybe I will not have to use night mode, etc.

I am just here to learn from others, and hopefully get to help along the way. Doesnt mean I wouldnt like to see some improvements… and seeing what creative way the users come up with, to make up for some of the short comings i hadnt thought of (like the emulator, what a cool tool)!


I still don’t think it’s at all clear.

Amazon are offering a new Blink XT2 with the comment “Cloud storage - Keep hundreds of clips stored up to a year with no additional monthly fees or service contract required.” but their Blink storage option says “When you create a new account after April 15, 2020, and set up your Blink Outdoor, Indoor, or Mini, you automatically get a free trial of the Premium Subscription Plan through December 31, 2020.”