Blink captures capture

First day we noticed we had an issue, I’d left some chocolate out overnight, and when I went to eat some, it looked all chewed on the edge. Looked closely under the magnifying glass, and could see the telltale parallel lines of the front two teeth of a mouse.

Spent the next two hours searching, and then cleaning a cupboard, where it had obviously been. Also, sealed up some pipe holes with expanding foam, but to no avail.

Had no mouse traps, so ordered a pair of humane traps from Amazon, for a tenner, and waited for them to arrive.

In the meantime, with another night to pass, I redeployed all my Blink cameras around the kitchen. So easy with the WiFi connectivity, and battery power, and will be able to put them back up in a flash, once I confirm the problem is resolved.

First night, a chunk of chocolate, in location where it had been chewing on the block.

Sometime after, having a little wander.

Next day, traps arrived, and were deployed with cameras watching.

A little later, after many wandering around videos, success.

Blink notification stirred me at around 2:30AM, and by about 2:50AM it was captured, and all caught on video. By 3:10AM, it was released in a field around 3 miles away. Didn’t want it scared in there all night. Probably traumatic enough as it was, though it seemed to happily carry on munching, after the initial shock.

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No video of 50BMG vaporizing a mouse in slow motion? WTH.

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No, can’t do that, lol. Cameras remain deployed, all around the kitchen, and will for a few days, until I’ve seen no evidence of friends and family. :rofl:

You’re gonna get an emmy award for best tree hugger serious. Lol. Actually, reminds me of the mouse Mr. jingles in the movie Green Mile.

Too right. After I first saw it, on that chocolate grabbing video, I was like, wow, how cute. Same with the next one. No way I was ever going to bash it’s brains out. Probably died of hypothermia last night, but at least it had a sporting chance.

Having said that, if you’d have been cleaning the cupboard out, you wouldn’t have been thinking it quite so cute. Chewed up paper, brillo pads, dirt, faeces, all in one far corner, out of site, and also in a cupboard where we rarely go.

I’m laughing because we’re going through same thing here in two houses. Lots of mice this year. Even more white tail deer outside. Tons of gray squirrel too. Gonna be a tough winter according to mother nature.

Good luck with that Joel. Mrs S nearly freaked, when all this was discovered. She would have bashed its brains out!

Mrs. S needs a whack a mole game for practice.

Mrs. E throws em in the fire pit after the mouse hotel gets a few too many customers.

love the 1st video, stealing the chocolate… he was like JACKPOT!