Blink Camera regular and Night Vision

Does Blink camera ( Not XT one) have IR vision. I see LED flash light turn on when it is dark. Is there option to not to turn LED flash light ? Would it still record in dark without LED flash light on ?

Hi @sanjay92 the standard Blink camera does not have infrared night vision, which can see in total darkness. Instead it relies on low light sensitivity and the bright LED to provide sufficient illumination. That said this solution is better suited indoors where the walls reflect the light . If used outside the LED isn’t really sufficient for night vision. There is an option to disable the LED illuminator in the camera settings but at night the camera will be useless

The indoor cameras do not have infrared lights, only the white LED. The light can be turned off in the camera settings, but the video gets worse and worse as the scene gets darker. It is unusable in almost total darkness.

Ok, Thanks. Cheap for a reason than Arlo.


While it may not be the solution your are looking for, the Blink XT cameras, although designed for outdoor usage, can definitely be used indoors. In fact, they work well indoors.

@sanjay92 the Arlo cameras have significantly worse battery life than Blink , something to keep in mind. They also are slower to wake up to motion events. The new Arlo Pro cameras have rechargable battery packs but still can’t compete with Blink’s battery life. The Arlo Pros are faster to wake up , probably on par with Blink. However they are significantly more expensive than Blink.

I actually have heard from some users that the Arlo Pro did not address the lag issue. I’m not entirely sure if this is true, or if a firmware update was sent out.

However, the main reason I got Blink over Arlo was because Blink is known to pick up on motion quicker (less lag). This is huge for me. The price of the camera and battery life are a plus

@Evan I have seen some YouTube videos comparing the two in real world tests and the Pro fared a lot better. I’ll try to find it again and link it

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Interesting, please link the video! It sounds like they addressed the issue


Ohhh, I was comparing the Arlo Pro to Blink. I don’t think it’s quite as close yet.

Check out this video on YouTube. I couldn’t link it directly because I’m not sure how to do that on my phone, but I’ll post a screenshot so you know which video it is. Fast forward to mark 1:46, where Arlo Pro is compared to Blink in terms of lag.

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