Blink camera in a car

Has anyone had success installing a camera inside of a car? I would like to put a camera in my car to film close up someone who might be trying to break in but I’m afraid the camera will be stolen if I just set it out on the dashboard or clip it to the visor. Are there any after market items that will work without having to use screws to attach a bracket to the car interior?

Camera motion sensors will not work through glass, so you’d only know once someone has already broken in.

That would be the main limitation, IMO.

Get a dash cam that is cheaper and made specifically for that.

I keep a blink camera in each of my cars that i normally park in the driveway or on the curb. I have each mounted in inconspicuous spots on the dashboard which gives me a good view of virtially the entire interior of the vehicles. These two cameras opereate right along side the ones installed in/around my house. This was prompted by an incident where my driveway camera cought someone trying the doorhandle of one of my cars.

As only 1 Blink model works consistently/accurately through glass,. which model did you use?