Blink beta Testers

All, I signed up to be a beta tester and have received a new camera through the post, stupid question am I meant to log in and track usage etc somewhere, currently away until tomorrow so can’t share more info. Any feedback is appreciated or shout up if you are a beta tester too? Peace out.

You should have gotten an email with tracking and instructions. But I think they are a little bit late, because I also got my camera but no email with tracking and instructions
Edit: I already send them an email about this.

Thank you as I also have not received any emails or instructions, have you managed to attach the camera to your normal account, please keep me posted. Thanks for responding. :blue_heart::heart:

This post from back in March 2020 may give you more insight.

Gotta love it.

Blink is so cheap they make you send back the Beta cameras rather than letting you keep it like every other Tech Beta out there as a thank you for taking the time and providing feedback.
It would almost be okay if it wasn’t for the fact you have 3 unsightly holes where it was mounted after you return it.
Recently did an AI Mesh router Beta and was welcomed to keep the router as a thank you for taking the time to Beta for them and provide feedback.

I was invited to do a Beta test on a sync module, about a year back, May 19, and was sent a free XT2 and sync module as a thank you, as was everyone in the test. From the mail I received.

“We know that we are asking a lot to have you take your Sync Module offline temporarily. As a thank you for your help, we will be sending all beta participants a Sync Module (in case anything happens to your current one) as well as a brand new XT2 camera !”

This goes back to my comment quoted by Joel, from that earlier thread, that they need a consistent approach to the way they do these things. It seems to be different every time we read about it in this forum, and it doesn’t come across very well.

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Oohh the hipocrocy. Remember that predrilled masonry Blink mount? Ya, that was you!

Wait. What’s the pre drilling have to do with leaving holes after retuning a beta unit?!

Unsightly holes in masonry when you have to move it. Are you that forgetful?