Blink Beta Program?

I got an email that seems like it’s from blink but i’m unsure. it stated


Congratulations! You’ve been selected to apply to a Blink beta-test program for new and improved Blink hardware. We’ve made some updates to improve the Blink customer experience and we’d love to hear what you think!

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, please use the link below to join our beta testing community. We are excited to continue bringing great experiences to customers. As part of this, we are constantly seeking customer feedback and are launching this beta test as part of that effort. Please do not share this link with others, this is an exclusive opportunity strictly meant for you.

Click Here to Join the Beta Testing Community

We are looking forward to your feedback and participation!

Team Blink"

it says it was

so i’m unsure if this is legit. I personally sent an email to blink support and i’m awaiting to hear from them but i also replied to the email stating their link didn’t work (debating if it was because i have software to protect me) and they replied back with another link but its asking me for login credentials so that’s a big no from me. Is this a legit thing they’re doing?

That domain is owned by MailChimp. They’re legit. That said, the request for credentials is clearly sketchy.

it wants me to login to my blink account to apply from the link which is why i’m curious. if they have my email already why not just enroll me?

it also talks about “Join the Blink Pioneer Community!” and wants me to create a new account while having to login to my existing one after. IT also talks about signing a nda and other stuff.

the website is also powered by ‘centercode’

They want your password. Probably not for Blink, but because people often use the same password for EVERYTHING, and they’ll use your credentials to see if they can get into your bank account, 401k, etc.

I think you know what to do!

Make sure Blink gets back to you. They need to know about this if it’s phishing.

I would be very wary about this email. I checked all of my beta test invitations and NONE of them used the credentials in your email.

it’s asking me to join the ‘Snowy Beta test’ and i must clarify it didn’t ask for my login information but wanted me to create a account on their beta testing website. i’m also getting emails from “”

the main page for this beta test is

ok so i called amazon and was able to get blinks phone number from them and they confirmed this is a legit program, thank you all so much for the help, I just got weary this was on a different website but i spoke with their supervisor and all was assured.

Hi all,

Apologies on the delay here, but thank you for your vigilance! I’d like to confirm that this is a legitimate email, and we have reached out to select users to join a new beta program. As our community has grown, so have the tools we need to understand your feedback to deliver the best products.

We do not ask for your Blink account passwords and do not encourage the same to be used; this would be a separate login for the Centercode platform.

Thank you for your patience and support as we continue to grow!

Best regards,


I received an email like this as well back in June saying that I was selected for a beta test and they would be sending me a camera to test out that the study would start in early July I never received anything nor further instructions so I emailed asking if the study was still taking place and never received a response.

You probably won’t get a response either. I don’t know what they’re doing over there. They’ve been non existent for months.

These days, it seems like we’re all beta testers.

So I stumbled upon your comment while I was trying to figure out your same question!! I’m in the same beta test that was set to begin in early July… never heard another word but my camera arrived today, delivered from ring. Anyway, I logged into my testing page and it says no jobs exist… idk what all this means but my camera did arrive

Thank you for the response I actually received a tracking number saying something was going to be delivered from Ring today.I was wondering what that was for.Hopefully we receive some clarification regarding the neta test.

Let us know what it is lol. Their beta testing is a headache. They want you to fill or all these logs but no interaction from actual employees.

The last time I did a beta test we had to fill out Ring logs. I had a lot of trouble with my cam and network. Big headache. It used to be a fun activity until Ring got involved.

I am curious how are you testing these Blink beta devices. I registered one such device with the Beta app on Android phone that now doesn’t work. The app says that I need to update it but there is no update pending for the app in Google Play Store itself. As a result the app can be opened.

And I can’t register this camera in regular Blink app because it says that the device is already registered on a different account. I sent email to but never received a response.