Blink App

I got a message on my phone and NOX application, that I had to update The Blink App.
However, when i wen to Google Play there is no blink app, and I can’t start without it

@nick_at_blink Any Ideas?

Ok, so I found the app on the play store, and it says Your Device is not Compatible with this Version

You need a minimum of Android 5 for the latest version of the Blink app. Nox ships with version 4, but you can use the multi instance manager to download and run 5, which will get you up and running on Nox, at least.

Running 6.0.1

Right, I’ll try Nox on mine, in a minute. I tried it earlier, and it worked, running Android 5, and was working. There is a Beta Android 7, for Nox, might be worth trying. I didn’t know there was an Android 6 for Nox. Never saw that? Only seems to be 4, 5 and 7 available as an emulator for download in mine.

By 6, you don’t mean the Nox version do you, because that’s a different thing, and yes, mine is on 6 for that.

Anyway, if on 6 for Android, that should work for sure. Strange.

By the way, mine is still working on Android 5, and the Blink app has been upgraded recently.

Hope you get an answer.

I just got the blink update notification yesterday. I have decided the problem was with NOX, not Blink, So I downloaded MEMU instead

I had the same problem using NOX Player for Mac. There is a new version NOX Player for Mac that works with the latest Blink Home Manager for Android. See my latest post on BHM app not compatible on NOX for MAC for details.