Blink app on Chromebook

With the Chrome OS now being able to run Android apps I was hopeful that I would be able to run the Blink app on my Chromebook.

For some reason it’s not compatible and will not let me install the app from the Google Play store.

My question to Blink is, can this be fixed and make the app run on Chrome OS too in future updates

Looks like Chrombook uses Chrome OS = Linux. Now I know why they are so inexpensive.

There are plenty of entry level sub 200 buck brand new laptops that run on Android OS instead of Chrome OS. The problem with running Blink on one of these laptops is…the app display does not rotate for horizontal displays. Blink mobile app is meant for phones and tablets - vertical display. Granted when viewing a video clip you can rotate the display to horizontal to make it bigger. However, much of the Blink app does not work when display is rotated.

Been 3 years now and Blink app does not support being used on desktop or laptop computers. Also does not support being used on smart televisions. Blink app is a mobile app only. Putting the Blink app on a Chromebook will be a waste of your time. .

it would be nice to get in on Apple devices, Windows, or the Chromebook. We should write letters. It’s also nice to watch cameras on monitors. Easier and much safer if it is set up like an office, play room, or a Panic room for intruders. These days in every state…Im sure there are creeps like everywhere else, and all the State cities have become metropolitan areas like New York. Doesn’t mean crime is not in deserted areas as well. There are bandits, and to this day there are also pirates in the waters. Nutty world, but it is true. See if you can get family and buddies to participate with letters if they have the same merchandise.