Blink App for Apple Watch

It would be nice if the Blink app supported Apple Watch functionality. It would be great to arm/disarm individual cameras or the entire system through the watch.


any update on this?

Blink does not disclose future plans in public forums.

My $.02…long shot. Huge long shot. Too many other features to address. Watch not broad market.

Yes, Please consider being able to arm and disarm camera on the apple watch as a future upgrade. Seems I am always working in the yard cutting grass or pulling weeds… phone is inside, and my watch keeps notifying me I’m activating the blink cameras over and over. It would be so nice to turn off the camera I’m triggering.

Also, at work we are not allowed to be looking at our phones. I get apple watch notification and it would be super great if I could go to video on my watch… as i am allowed to wear and use my watch.