Blink, Apilio & IFTTT

I am an older person (78) trying to set up a deterrent security system. I have 5 mini cams, 1 facing the entry point (window/door) in each room. I have an Apilio variable set to false and a IFTTT applet using we hooks to update the variable to true when motion is detected in a room. I also have an Apilio logic lock with 2 conditions, (1 the variable being true, the other being a time condition. Lastly, I have a IFTTT applet which is set to the IF being motion detected in a room AND request the Apilio logicblock THEN turn on a light bulb and a smart plug… Now my problem… When the applet executes all the lights in my house come on. How do I limit it to just the room in which motion is detected??? John McDowell