"Blink" and they could be gone

Now that 2020 is nearly over and with all the other problems that have happened throughout the world a small amount of appreciation which costs nothing but means a lot to many people makes a difference.
With those thoughts still in your mind I would like to say a big “thank you” to the people I believe have been the main contributors to this forum ( in no particular order).

Without them lots of problems would have been unresolved,they haven’t got all the answers (neither has the manufacturer) but their time, shared knowledge and thoughts have definitely helped me and I believe many others to resolve difficulties.
I am sure ( not unkindly ) there are many other contributors so please add them and give them all a virtual :champagne: as one year ends and another begins.
Thank you so much and have a happy and safe Christmas.


I agree, these guys do a lot to help here day in and day out!


Ooooh thanks. It’s Christmas and that’s the season of giving and giving back. This Christmas, I’m giving back to Blink in the form of thousands of dollars. Yes, Blink is losing thousands of dollars due to this embarrassing mistake…In the community forum (Android mobile app) is a big Buy Now button that doesn’t work. Instead of taking you to to the Amazon website to buy now a Blink product, that blue Buy Now button instead takes you to a 404 error. The blue View Our Products button works however. Ver 6.1.2 build number 543200.

The blue Buy Now button in those avatar pics reminded me it. Thanks for posting those Avatars so I could bring this to Blinks attention. Maybe one of you nice fellows can flag my post so it is guaranteed to get their attention.

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Thanks very much for the kind words. The very best of the holiday season to you and yours.

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Good of you to say so. Have a very happy Christmas everyone.

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Take your bow gentlemen. Hoping for a better 2021 for everyone.

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