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So I just read that Amazon aquired Ring video doorbell toward the beginning of this year. What does that mean for your doorbell? Is there any plans to share technology and tricks with each other so you can get the Blink doorbell up and running? Or should I just get a Ring doorbell knowing that it’s all under of the same umbrella now?

Hi @bcrenshaw,

Yes, we were both acquired by Amazon in the last year. I have no new updates at this time regarding the doorbell, however, i’m sure there could be sharing between Ring and Blink in the future! I dont know what this will look like, so we will just have to wait and see.

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Another poster found an FCC letter requesting the Blink doorbell application be cancelled. Probably not considered material non-public, but you may want to issue a press release asap noting the change. It is not surprising with the expected integration with Ring, but many of us signed up for emails and have been waiting for the Blink doorbell, especially due to its size for households like mine with a narrow threshold. All of the wireless Ring doorbells require brick installation. The Blink doorbell would have fit perfectly where my current manual doorbell is located.

Yeah, I’m quite angry they cancelled this without telling anyonr that signed up for notifications. I’ve been waiting for a long time, holding off on a few good sales to get a blink doorbell camera. Not good PR for the company. Puts me off getting a ring too. Guess I’ll go with Skybell or Simplisafe.

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It was announced here: Blink Video Doorbell Update!

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