Bird Nests on Cameras!

I am trying to come up with a way to prevent birds from landing on my Blink cameras, or building NESTS on top of them. Damned birds!

I have a CNC plasma table, so I am going to try to fabricate slanted hoods to pace over the cameras. Unfortunately, this makes them more visible, but what other choice do I have?

Blink should make a stick-on sharp fake grass strip or something that can be put on top of the cameras, to keep these %^$&* birds OFF of the cameras!

You need sweet tea, a rocking chair, and a pellet gun.

I can make a shroud for the camera with a peaked roof to prevent nests from being built on top of the cameras, but then the covert nature of the small camera is lost. I am experimenting with putting the cameras inside of fixtures like garden gnomes and light posts, but I haven’t found the ideal solution to the wall-mounted cameras yet. Birds LOVE to sit on the cameras and flick their tail feathers in front of the lens, which of course results in endless “bird butt” vids. Maybe they like the heat generated by the IR lights?
The struggle is real.