Bird attacking camera

Why are the birds attracted to these cameras? I have 2 that gets attacked by the birds almost everyday and they knocked my cameras out of position. Help!

Apparently Ring has been accused of stealing ADT’s intellectual property.

Maybe they also trained attack birds to mess with their competitors. Can’t put anything past them at this point…

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This is exactly what happened with my cameras! Thanks for sharing. Any solution?

Put one of these next to your camera?

@nick_at_blink I have an idea for what the next version of the XT covers should look like…

In my personal experience for my home, and two other clients homes, these do not work. Also depends on what type of bird it is, and where you live. If you choose a decoy that were a natural predator to that bird then it may work. Owls really don’t prey on other birds too often.

I have that plastic owl and it does not work at all!

They sell plastic bird spikes, but depending on the bird size it may not be effective. The plastic spikes are commonly used at Home Depot stores, but just depends on the location. I believe the birds are looking for nesting locations and would have to guess it has something to do with the white color and location, as I don’t have this problem with the XT Camera (black)

I agree the birds are looking for nesting locations. I have the black blink XT cameras as well. I used to have Arlo cameras at the exact locations and no problem with birds. So I was thinking it’s the black color that attract the birds (Arlo cameras are white). This is why I ordered the white covers for my black XT camera. I have not receive the covers yet, hope that will work.

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Before you guys mentioned nesting, @lynnthai and @RightHand, I thought maybe it could be the slight sound that the cameras make when recording. My dog reacts to it, so I thought birds may as well; but you guys are probably right about nesting! :grin:


I have the same problem and its spiders the birds are going after. Spiders find the cameras useful to build their webs around. Thankfully the birds get rid of them before webs accumulate.

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Seriously, I thought I was the only one with this problem :stuck_out_tongue: 3 days ago my XT got attacked:

And today it got knocked over:

Birds really don’t like us spying on them! LOL :smiley:


So check this out, this is a Gila Wood Pecker with red top on head I believe, and this little bird damaged my camera…very destructive in my case…

See Video:


Possibly a cage around the camera would at least prevent damage. Unfortunately, the cage would probably encourage nest building. The birds also affect battery life.

Birds sit on my owl. I’m now trying a wind chime.

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My experience with otjer types of cams has been that spiders are attracted to IR.