BHM app not compatible on NOX for MAC

I have downloaded NOX for MAC v1.2.5.0 but when I try to load the Blink Home Monitoring app I get “Your device isn’t compatible with this version” message. I have tried on a MacBook running OSX 10.9.5 and a newer MacBook Air running 10.14.1.

Any suggestions?

The problem described above occurred when trying to download from Google Store.

I found a download site (partial URL ""referenced in another post that I cannot now find) that allowed me to download the latest BHM app through the Browser app in NOX Player. That site also has links to earlier Blink app versions.

The Blink system I got is a Christmas surprise for my wife so I haven’t got it connected yet but the Blink app on NOX tells me “Unfortunately, Blink has stopped.” so the app appears to be running OK on both computers.

I’ve just repeated all your steps after the rigmarole of getting the NOX app stopping at 99% problem.

I think I found the website which you are referring to for downloading older versions of Blink Home Monitoring app (APKMirror).

Version 2.0.14 of the app launched into a blank narrow window, then closed without any action. I then downloaded version 3.0. Which again opened a narrow window which closed, then, like your experience, I got the “Unfortunately, Blink has stopped.” notification.

I’ve made an account with Blink on my mobile, the purchase of the cameras is delayed hoping for NOX on a laptop, the cameras are in my basket with Amazon ready and waiting to buy. I’d seen a member here showing his multiple camera setup using NOX, which I really liked

I’m on High Sierra 10.13.6. Has anyone found a version which actually works with NOX?

I have just successfully loaded NOX and BHM on Mac.

MacBook 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo running OSX 10.9.5
NOX App Player from (look for older versions, latest version is and did not work)
Watch out for pop-ups and new screens asking to download all kinds of other stuff like MacKeeper, etc. Just cancel through those (and any certificate warnings), scroll down to bottom where NOX Player download shows with Download button on the right.
Blink Home Manager 2.?? (Last 2.x version from 9/12/2018. Latest 3.x version did not work)) Downloaded and installed via browser on NOX Player from

All monitoring functions and clip playback are working except for notification sound on Mac.

I have now loaded NOX and BHM on two additional computers.

MacBook Air 2 GHz Intel Core i7 running MacOS Mojave 10.14.2
NOX App Player (latest version)
Blink Home Manager 2.4.6

MacBook Air 1.8 GHz Intel Core i5 running MacOS Mojave 10.14.2
NOX App Player (Don’t know why NOX is showing this version number on this computer but Update in the NOX settings page says it is the latest.)
Blink Home Manager 2.4.6

In both of these cases I encountered the known NOX installation fail at 99% that can be avoided by uninstalling the NOX version of VirtualBox and downloading and installing the latest version from its website.

Since the earlier version of BHM is being used, the Activity Zones feature does not appear in the camera controls on these computers but Activity Zones set via iPad and iPhone do apply.

Notifications sounds on Mac are not working.

An update:

NOX App Player would not operate correctly. Reverting to 99% startup freeze and other issues. So I reinstalled NOX and got (thought I was downloading and reinstalled VirtualBox during startup. Now BHM (2.4.6) is operating satisfactorily.

I don’t know what if anything has changed but I was just sitting by the computer I have set to monitor Blink when a video notice came in and the notification chime sounded on it! Maybe not consistent but it does appear to work.

I just realized that the Blink app was not running in the emulator when it pinged. Usually I leave the app running and I have not heard any pings in that state.

The Blink app has stopped working on my NOX emulator on my Mac. When I try to start it I get a message that an update is required. The update (3.3.19) does not seem to be compatible with the version of Android that the NOX emulator runs. This problem was previously avoided by running an earlier version of Blink app (2.4.6) but that will not run any more.

Does anyone know what version of Blink Home Manager will now run with NOX?

the latest blink update (thanks to some new requirements from google) requires a newer version of andriod and iOS to run.

You should be able to download a newer version of andriod to your Nox player.

try this link:

Alternatively, I hear bluestacks (another emulator) still works.


First I had to download a new version of NOX App Player for Mac ( Then I was able to download the latest Blink Home Monitor app (3.4.12) from the Google Play Store. Signed in again to Blink and all is now working. Had to change the time zone in the NOX settings to get proper times for my camera roll videos.

It is not working for me on bluestacks too. Then I installed Nox player 6 on Windows PC, from bignox official site and it is working for me. The problem is with Mac devices only.

It could be the Android version either application (nox or BS). I don’t use Mac products, so I’m unfamiliar with them.