Best night visitor captures so far

If you have been reading my posts, you know I have been having issues with my cameras.

Today, the cameras picked a very opportune time to start working and triggering.

Here’s what I don’t understand. Sensitivity was set to 7, and clip length was set to 60 unless activity stopped first.
Clearly the activity didn’t end early, and the clip could have been much longer instead of 6 and 8 seconds. There has to be an issue with the sensitivity and/or clip length.
Maybe the darkness throws off the sensitivity
Still great clips though.


That’s really cool, how often do you see bears? I’d be more worried about the bear than the camera :grin:

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Bats, spiders, and now bears?! Jeez, how do you have that much wildlife in your backyard!? Glad you caught it on cam!


The Bears are harmless. However what is annoying is the fact that somewhere between the two clips, the bear ripped down a bird feeder in One Clip you can see it hanging from the tree. In the second clip you see it on the ground. Had the camera recorded for the full minute we would see him tearing it down


My favorite part of the first clip is at about the 1 second mark, where the bear turns his head slightly to the camera, as if to say, “whaddayou lookin at”


Did you turn off the Option to End Clip If Motion Stops in the Blink native app?


I have now, but it shouldn’t have made a difference. there was plenty of motion to keep it recording.

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Do you use a HA system like Samsung SmartThings? If you do, you can find an Official unofficial 3rd party integration with Blink which can let you record clips even longer and setup diferent automations to boot.

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Blink is great, but as it uses a heat based motion sensor to trigger, and the night in your location can possibly be colder than mine, the bear could have moved far enough from the heat detecting motion sensor and this would have signaled the Blink camera that he was gone.


interesting thanks

I know I am a broaken record, but if you do use SmartThings, I recommand that you invest in the 3rd party integration which allows you to set your individual cammera motion sensetivity based on modes. In this way, you can have the camera change its sensetivity to 8 or 9 for Night mode(when very cold outside) and 6 or 7 for Day Mode. I and a lot of ST HA users do this to control our homes security via Blink and it works great!


Only way to Blink!

Blink is OK…However, with SmartThings Blink is WAYYYYYY better.

Would be the perfect cam if they would allow motion to register instantly instead of waiting for a clip to record, upload to the cloud then cloud sends notification of clip recorded by saying motion…That really puts Blink at a disadvantage when it comes to other competitors.


@rontalley I made a thread describing this as I completely agree. It would be an awesome update to receive a notification of movement as soon as it is detected rather than after the video is done recording


I get tons of deer in my backyard. This Buck has been coming around alot


What are your settings for the camera? I have mine placed similar to yours and When activity is censored I only see black in the yard and a light through a window.

@Cdil: Welcome to the forums! As the post you replied to is a year old I thought I would try to help. From what you describe it appears you do not have the IR Illuminator turned on. Check to see that it is set to Auto and the intensity is High. You can reset the intensity later if need be. Let us know how you make out.

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Nice Capture! Haven’t seen much in my yard in a while.

How did the wifi reach that far?